Peanut Butter Breath #2(FLOWER ROOM UPDATE #14)

5 months ago

What's up Smoker's! So today I will showcase one of my strains that I recently cracked from seed, Peanut Butter Breath #2.

image0 (3).jpg

Today I will showcase a new strain in my stable, that I cracked from seed from the Smoke.og project. The strain is from seed, and is a f1 cross of Peanut Butter Breath. This is one of three PBB I cracked from seed that is a female. I assigned the #2 to this pheno.


She is 25-30 days into flower, and it is doing spectacular! I have her in a mix of Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and Happy Frog soil. I have layed off the Cal/mag, and been hitting her with very low doses of bloom fertilizer along with a small dose of fulvic acid.

image0 (4).jpg

I do have to say I am impressed by this plant.

image0 (1).jpg


I am for sure going to keep her in my stable.

image0 (5).jpg

Something new I am doing in my perpetual grow, is Monster Cropping. Monster Cropping is when you take a cutting off a plant that has been flipped for flower.

image0 (6).jpg

And I got roots!

I only took two cuttings off this plant, and seeing roots gets me ecstatic! The only way I will scrap this plant, is if hermies start to show, which being an F1, it is very much possible. So follow along, and watch the magic happen!



Got Milk?

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I think i kinda see it now. Females are bushy?


Yeap, like it’s 1976 again! Haha. I’ll snap a pic of a male flower in a bit to show you the difference 🤠


ok. cool. Heeee Heeee 1976

That one photo in the middle looks awesome. Frosty buds, nice job Jonny boy!

That´s a healthy looking plant!!!

Those plants are impressive! I wish I could smell them.


The aroma i am getting is earthy. As time goes on, im sure i will get more of a distinct smell. Thanks for stopping by!

wow! Love the roots! Awesome monster cropping, how many days to create that root mass?

You should be impressed and proud. Its pretty

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