New Flavor In MY Stable

3 months ago

What's up Smoke! So growing great cannabis start with great genetics. Im am very lucky to live in the great state of California. I got word of a first class nursery called, Dark Heart. As soon as I saw they did clone drops nearby me, I was quick to go get me a new flavor.

image0 (2).jpg

A strain that peaked my interest was Blueberry Muffin.

image0 (3).jpg

This cut was bred up in the great cannabis region, Humboldt County. It is a winner of the 2017 Emerald Cup.


So time to do what I do. As you see I use a mix of Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and Happy frog. I do not ad any additives in veg, except cal/mag and Fulvic Acid.

image0 (1).jpg

I will keep under 24 hours of light for veg. This one clone will turn into many. It's not a high THC content strain, but it is supposed to be packed with flavor! Which that's usually what I am after. I also have 3 strains of males, so more flavors are going to be in the works. So stay tuned, and watch me bake muffins on the block chain ;)



Do you know the muffin man, the muffin man......

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I just checked the link of the Blueberry Muffin, it sounds sooooo tasty!


Yeah im excited! Did you see how fast it finishes too? 45 days!!! We shall see though

Check this video where they talk a little bit about breeding Blueberry Muffin, I wanna buy some seeds for the strain and also get it growing in my country:


Great share!


Are you in the canna curate discord? if not you should be!

Bring on the Blueberry Muffin Beaver :)

I hope it all turns out for you bro, sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing , bong on bro. :-)