What's up Smokers! So if you have been following along my Solo Cup entry, you would of seen I am growing a strain called Tall Happy Jamaican. I started 5 seeds and got 3 to grow. One I am using for the Solo Cup Challenge here on Smoke, one for the same challenge on Steem, and then one just to grow out like I normally would grow my plants. Well today I took out my plants to water, and noticed a surprise on the third Tall Happy Jamaican that is not a Solo Cup contender.



I noticed that palm tree leave looking fan leave! At first I thought it was two set of leaves bunched up.


The other weird thing about this plant I started from seed, is that the growth is not uniformed


As you can see from my Smoke.io Solo Cup contender.

So yeah very excited to see how the mutant Jamaican turns out!


The Tall Happy Jamaican Solo Cup contender is loving life. About one more week I will go ahead and flip into flower.




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Can't wait to see these little plants w/ buds on th em

Nice is really growing fast and also looking good to nice work keep it up

Looking good man, I'm liking the earth-tone brown solo cups you have there, they have a nice look to them. I've only ever seen the bright red or blue solos.


I think @lethal actually got these when he was my room mate! Geez that was like 2 years ago.

Well that mutant got our attention. We'll be keeping an eye on it through your posts :D.

Cool, that mutant might turn out to be something special, what are you going to call it? what about "mutant smoke", Lol. Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)


The mutant Jamaican maybe

Go Jon!


Thanks lol

Hmm, these days....there is so much demand for seeds sometimes seed companies don't take the time strains need to become stable, that's why sometimes you get a "Frankenstein"....good thing is that since Cannabis is such a wonderful plant you might get the best-tasting things out of the most horrible looking plant, looking forward to see how this one goes ;-)


Well these cane from a friend and they might be f1’s. Not entirely sure. Usually I just need one good plant though since I will end up cloning it.


what I healthily envy most of you guys is the fact that legalization allows experimentation, you guys cross the f**k of everything you have in the garden looking for that "keeper", no wonder so many good strains are coming from there.


Thats a good point. I actually just found 2 males and Im excited to make a few crosses!

Wonder what will this turn out to be. Keep us updated!


For sure bro!

Whats up bro! Nice babies! They are thriving, maybe they will grow normal as they get bigger, it happens hehe