Long time no see Smoke! Well first of all let me apologize for my long absence. I never should of let one person run me away from here. Everyone knows I do love Steem, but spreading the word about cannabis and sharing my grow is really my main focus. So I will gladly start sharing my work with you all here, and I also invite you all to share your work to Steem. We are the block chain cannabis community, and we should work side by side, instead of the he said, she said bull shit. So here is an update on my small personal grow. Nothing big, but enough to keep me happy.

Blueberry Muffin

Currently I have a few plants in my back yard. Up till a couple months ago, I had a perpetual grow indoors for 2 years. I decided to take a break from my indoor grow, to save money to get a tent, and a nice light. Using my closet with poor ventilation, and a cheap China made LED was not cutting it no more. My quality was hindered, and I made the conclusion that if my bud is to get any better, I would need to invest into better equipment.

Blueberry Muffin is a clone I picked up a few months ago. I ran it indoors, and took a few cuttings before I induced flowering. The ones pictured are those cuttings. My first run did not to so well, but the smell of Blueberry Muffins is unmistakable. My outdoor run of this strain, is doing so much better then the indoor run, and I can not way to see how this bud is when grown good.

As soon as you walk into my back yard, the smell of Blueberry Muffins hit your nose. I have noticed my neighbors are hanging out more, I wonder if it is because they are enjoying the smell?

Peanut Butter Breath

Here is the the Peanut Butter Breath. Last post I talked about how great this plant was, due to the ability to hold off mold. Well I may have gave myself bad luck. It rained the other day, and this PBB did not like that. I had to pick off a bud and throw away due to "bud rot". Truth be told, these buds are so compact, and the plant reverted back to veg, after it started to bud a few months ago, so the bud rot is something that may have been forming for some time now. Since I have never had bud rot, and the bud rot starts from the inside, I was a bit naive on this type of mold. But other then on bud, the rest of the plant looks like its going to be mold free.

Dj Short Blueberry x Astro Beaver

Here is a cross I made a few months ago by taking a Astro Beaver male, and applying pollen to a Dj Short Blueberry female. Should be an interesting cross, and I will determine if this is a strain I want to grow more of once I get an idea of how the buds turn out. If it's anything spectacular, I will have a contest to name the strain. Until then I will keep you updated. Hopefully soon I will have enough money to upgrade my equipment. The amount of sun coming into my back yard, is becoming limited by the day. I have been growing everyday for over 2 years now, actually in Oct, it will be my 3 year anniversary, and if there comes a point I have zero plants around the house, I do not know how that will affect me. It may be a huge relief that I do not have to worry about plants, or it could be something that is depressing, and leaves me with no hobby. I will keep you all posted, until then, have a great weekend!

GanjaCowboy will live forever!

This post was first published on Steem, with a few adjustments for Smoke.

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WEEDCASH doing poorly, mate?

After you’ve twice dropped us, you’re back when WEED is below value of SMOKE? With a “slightly adapted” post, first published on STEEM?

Let me tell you a truth: your CANNA [security] token is one of the things which damaged WEED.

So... you better step up this time, and definitely do not use smoke as a funnel to your Steem community.

I am absolutely nice and all about new chances but, there is no need for three times a charm.

Start truly caring about SMOKE, stop pumping your STEEM community here and seeing SMOKE as STEEM funnel because... otherwise it’s gonna be 🍿.

Nobody ran you away... you always used this as a funnel [consciously or subconsciously]. 💯

Now, let’s forget about all that and let’s move forward. The past makes who we are but we build tomorrow.

Together we can do that. Even if not together... SMOKE stood the test of time and the market decided. So let’s learn from that.

Now, let’s make this the best place for the canna community to be. There’s plenty of awesome ideas going and initiatives starting soon. Dev is also happening as we talk.

Let’s rock this party. I’m up for it and will not take any past with me. Not unless I’m given a reason to remember the past.

Welcome back [with some solid upsmokes] and... Let’s rock and roll. 🔥


whoa, slow down there. Now I deserve this, I did dump you all, and yeah I suppose I am funneling Steem, but to think that Im running over here due to the price of weedcash being down, dude totally wrong. Im not going to get wet over something worth a penny. But yeah totally deserving, and I understand the hard feelings, which was probably a mistake to even post here. Which highly likely will not wont happen again.

But to imply the Canna token hurt weedcash, how in the hell is that possible? Also a security token? Maybe look more into it and you will see its not.


Whether you understand it is a security token or not, not my issue. I care about SMOKE.

If “I deserve that... which highly likely won’t happen again” is how you read it... yeah, sorry mate. Not sorry though about “let’s make this the best place” but your call.


@unnamed Bro, do you REALLY think it's helpful to attack someone on their first post back?

Jesus christ I just posted about how the drama on smoke is gone and here you go starting some up...


They were a witness who twice left us without a word, right?
This was their first post back, right?


Edit: Let me append this. Everything on chain is awesome, right. *rolls eyes*

The above is not me being an “asshole”. It’s me caring about users and user retention. I’s also me welcoming back and leaving behind “hard feelings”. There are none, I’ve said how I felt and the past is what makes us, it is important to include those experiences in one’s persona. But tomorrow is what we make out of it starting now.

If @jonyoudyer is here on Smoke and an active participant he will have all my support. I will even, if wanted, contribute to finding guests for canna-curate show if it also becomes available as a podcast. I can not go on due to local War on Drug issues lol, but I’m sure we can find awesome guests for the show and I will gladly help with that. I’m currently communicating with multiple podcasters to get them to post on Smoke once we have Spotify embed. Then we can also work at getting more known canna authors, due to increased platform credibility.

No one, nobody, cares more about getting more users. It does at times keep me awake at night, yes. But, and it will be a difficult thin line due to canna-c’s roots — roots which I respect — if Smoke is merely a user funnel to canna-c and Steem... there will be hard feelings. But I’m sure we can juggle that line and make it work for everyone.

Otherwise, as stated in my initial reply... let’s make this the best place we can. I have principles and I stand by them, whether you like it or not, we ALL have the right to express them and once I do...I am mature enough to move on.


A single post hardly constitutes wide spread drama :p

Welcome back bro. Im mostly curating here these days... handing out Smoke to all the great Smoke content creators.... stirring up trouble with regards to the Legal Canadian Cannabis fiasco.

Is your smoke witness coming back online?

Long time no see bro! Where have you been? 😢