Junk Yard Diaries 2019

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Well folks it's the start of a beautiful year here in the Garden of Eden, here in Salinas Valley. You see where I live, it is nicknamed the "Salad Bowl" of the world. This is because the conditions are just right to grow anything here. But unfortunately for me, I live in an apartment, and due to my building, my back yard is not the ideal spot to grow, due to lack of sunlight. But starting at this time of the year, i get about 11 hours of sun. Which is good enough to grow for fun. Since I always have an abundance of plants from my indoor grow, I take advantage of this sun to use my backyard as an overflow. Kind of like "Junking" automobiles. I take a plant I have no room for, and I "Junk" it. So this is how I came to nick name my outdoor grow, "The Junk Yard Grow".


Astro Beaver

So this time of the year, my plants start to flower with the building blocking the morning sun. I will take advantage of this, by using these plants to make seeds. Last year I had a plant budding out very nice, then it went back into re-veg mode. However I did pollinate it, and the seeds still formed nice. I also had a few nice re-veg plants, that I have been using to make canna butter. SO my "Junk Yard Grow", is a very productive grow. Even though im not growing 12 foot beasts, I am doing very well with what I got.

image0 (1).jpg

Astro Beaver


image0 (2).jpg

Astro Beaver


image0 (3).jpg

Steem Og impregnated with Astro Beaver


image0 (4).jpg

Steem Og

So I have some Dj Short Blueberry pollen I will be using to create some F1's. Very excited to see what the offspring will turn out to be. Who knows, you could be growing these F1's next year!




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beautiful garden mate!! watch that chicken it looks suspicious the way he is looking at your plant ;-)


Haha, yeah what a cock eh?

You love your outdoor jonny boy


My outdoor is mediocre. But yes bro just wait tilll you actually get your hands on some mountain grown cannabis.

Awesome. We are buried under 2’ of snow here in Canada. Summer has been cancelled.


Fuck a bunch of that. I love my mild weather, never to cold, and never to hot

Just be careful that chicks don't eat your babies 🤣


well at least they will get a nice antitoxin, THCa;)

Am in love mate with your babies haha


hahah, thanks! I do have to say my outdoor game is weak, but i am expecting some great canna butter material, and some seeds!