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Howdy Smoker's! So here is a post to show you all how I take clones. Cloning is easy, and it is a great tool to have for any grower. Especially with a indoor perpetual grow. In order for me to keep a strain around, and to keep the cycle going is I take cuttings before I throw a plant into flower. So I veg a plant under 24 hours of light, then before I flip into flower, I take cuttings.

Why cloning is great

  • Guaranteed female
  • Not as long of a process as starting from seed
  • If you have a elite strain, you can keep it around forever

Downsides to clones

  • No tap root
  • Will not be as strong or bigger then a plant started from seed

image0 (11).jpg


What you will need for clones

  • Rapid Rooters or Rock wool plugs
  • Razor blade
  • Seed tray
  • Hormone powder or gel
  • Scissors
  • If in dry environment a dome lid to keep over cuttings to ensure proper humidity
  • Clean work area

Some people will take their cuttings and put directly into soil. I do not do that, due to limited room, and I like to monitor the plugs to see roots. If you have directly in soil you are just wasting space, and energy for the cutting that do no root. Also seeing those roots bust out of the plugs is one of my favorite sights when growing cannabis.

Step 1

Soak your growing medium in water. You want the plugs to be moist, but not drenched

image1 (1).jpg

Step 2

Get your seed tray ready, and fill 1/3rd of bottom with water. I use RO water, with a very mild solution of Fulvic Acid. I also here Cal/Mag works great too. Just use a very very limited amount.

image0 (5).jpg

Step 3

Find good shoots at the bottom of plant and do a 45 degree angled cut close to main stem. The bottom shoots are the easiest to clone since the hormones are more abundant near the root mass.

image0 (1).jpg

Step 4

Take cutting and cut of the leaves on most of the shoot, just leave a few on top

image0 (2).jpg

image0 (3).jpg

Step 5

Shave of some skin on the side the 45 degree angle cut is to expose the insides


Step 6

Set cuttings in water(These can be left for 24 hours if you have no time, or supply's to complete the process)

image0 (4).jpg

Step 7

Dip the expose tip into your hormone powder, or gel

image0 (6).jpg

image0 (7).jpg

Step 8

Set the cutting into your growing medium. Make sure the it is in there tight.

image0 (8).jpg

Step 9

Take scissors to give the top leaves a little haircut. This helps the cuttings to focus more energy to producing roots.

image0 (9).jpg

Step 10

Since my grow space is very small, and usually have it packed with plants, my humidity is at a great level for my clones. I do not need a dome. But you may need a dome for your setup. Just remember you have to have the humidity very high. I do not recommend spaying, due to mold, but for cuttings you may have to. I keep far away from light for the first few days, then gradually put the tray closer to the light. My light cycle is 24/0, meaning 0 dark time. Anther thing you may consider having if you live in a cold environment, is a heat tray to place under the tray. But to be honest that just be a gimmick for you to spend more money. My tray can get cold from time to time, but I have no problems having my cuttings root.

image0 (10).jpg

Step 11

Just keep an eye out on your water level in the tray. You want your plugs to be always moist, but not to wet. In about 11-15 days you will see roots. Sometimes it may take longer, just be patient. I have found that my cuttings root slower during the winter time, and faster in summer. Any questions you have fell free to drop them. Also tell me what you use to clone. My success rate this past year has been 100%. So I assure you my method is a good one, just may not fit your grow style or set up.



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