Flower Room Update #15

3 months ago

What's up Smokers! Sorry for the lack of posts. Been on a break, and burnt out. But Im still around, and will be till I die! SO enough bull shit, read this post, and let's get high!


Astro Beaver approaching its 6th week in flower

Thanks to my @canna-curate partner, @bluntsmasha, this Astro Beaver is one of my favorite strains in my stable! The smell is exactly like Watermelon Jolly Ranchers.


I am also loving the bud structure of this AB.


So Blunt sent me 2 seeds only of this F1. Out of the two seeds I got this wonderful female you see, and I also got a male! Damn lucky if you ask me. No hermies, and wonder smell, this strain is a keeper. I also will be using the male to create more seeds, and to make the F2 of Astro Beaver.


Another cola of the AB

What I am really excite about is the project I am currently working on, which is to "FORK" my Steem Og with the pollen from the AB, to create Smoke.og. You can follow my blog over at SMOKE.io to see this project. Any day I will be pollinating my Steem og. So be on the look out.


I got some a few more strains to talk about in a future post, but I will end this update with a few shots of my Dj Short Blueberry.



My 4 headed cola is from a FIM job gone bad, or good, depending on how you look at it. I have the fan directly on this one, its not the ideal bud formation, but it sure is really cool looking! This Dj Short is smelling very nice, but I did find a male flower on it, possible a light leak. But it was only one, and I am being very vigilante on making sure no more appear. I did not take any cuttings off this, so this is going to be a one and done deal. Now if you recall my post about the new strain I got Blueberry Muffin, you would see why I was not so worried about taking a cut from this Dj Short. So stay tuned, I got lots of more plants to talk about, that is if I have the motivation to put out a quality post for you all.


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Looks like that bud will get you beaved out

Bluntsmasha with the seed assist, great luck with the healthy male and female. Those buds are looking awesome, sounds like the scent is right too, very nice.

Looks fire

Second picture looks great. Like a small tree