Flower Room Update #12

3 months ago

What's up Smokers! So it fells nice to be back in the groove of things and posting my reg flower room and veg room updates. I tried to play politics, but that just really held me back. The way I figure this platform needs more content, I need more eyes on my grow, so it's a win win. The only thing I owe anything to, is Canna-Curate. So you will see more of me, and Canna here. No politics, only business, and lets have some fun doing it! So if your with me, come join the Canna server and let's really take the block chain to a whole new level! We got Smokers and Steemers, and we welcome you to come pitch your project, or show your love for what ever platform you think it's the best. This is the line im drawing: both platforms should, and will work together. Great things are coming, and Canna will be the forerunner. If you disagree, hey no big deal, but we are here to stay, and we will continue to grow. Peace and love my brothers and sisters. Now lets see some cannabis action!

image0 (2).jpg

Astro Beaver 18 days into flower


Last flower room update I discussed my Peanut Butter Breath. Today I want to discus two other strains started from seed in search of a male for the Smoke.og project.


  • Astro Beaver
  • Dj Short Blueberry



Astro Beaver is a strain I got from my Canna-Curate partner, @bluntsmasha. He talks so highly of this strain, and now I can see why. For one this plant is very easy to clone. I had 5 good cuttings from it just after 35 days of growth from seed! Second the smell coming from it smells like watermelon! Yes, WATERMELON!! Very interesting indeed. In fact I got a male from this seed, and it will be used to fork the Steem Og.


Here are the specs of the Astro Beaver


I am really happy with the FIM job I did with this plant. It's getting a bit of a deficiency, which is really no big deal, but I will hit it with some fertilizer as soon as I get my ass to the grow shop to pick up a good bottle.

image0 (1).jpg

So you see those white pistols? They are so ready to be pollinated. I am going to attempt to create the F2 of this strain with the Astro Beaver stud I have. This strain needs to be put in the hand of more growers, and I will do my part to make that happen. Thanks again Blunt!

Ok time for Dj Short to take over the turntables!

image1 (1).jpg

I have many great things about Dj Short Blueberry, but I have to be honest. Out of the 4 from seed, none are very special. Of course the real judging will be when the buds show, but as of now nothing has stood out to make me excited.

image0 (3).jpg

This is the only Dj female I got from the 4 seeds. I ended up getting 2 males, and 1 hermie. This female has been in flower for about 10 days now.

image1 (2).jpg

The leaves are different then all strains I have grown. The smell that you get when you rub your fingers on the stem is quite pleasant. I have not took any cuttings. I fell since I have Dj Short pollen, from two different phenos, I will be fine with not keeping this strain around. Another factor why I did not take any cuttings, is because I am going to get a clone from Dark Heart Nursery. Making sees are fun, but having an elite cutting is even better. Besides, I can eventually cross the cutting I do get in the future. So yeah that's all for now, not much will be going on besides some veg room updates, and seeing the flowers of these strains progress, so stay tuned, and stay positive!


Smoke on!

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I'm with ya 100% brother! I think what everyones gotta realize is we aren't all gonna agree on everything, but the one thing we can agree on, is Canna! We all love it! We all wanna engage with it more!

They are all coming along nice nicely.


Thank you. Still missing something, and i think its a bloom fertilizer. Also maybe i need a tad bit bigger pot

awwww its growing! :)

Hit me up on discord if you ever wanna trade seeds or talk breeding. I'm on icmag and strainly :)

Nice man!! I've my groove back again too , xd
Nice strains by the way, never heard about them