What's up Smokers! Its been a min since I've done a flower room update, but here is a couple of females that where found with the Smoke.og project.

image0 (2).jpg

Peanut Butter Breath #2

The stain I will be discussing today is Peanut Butter breath

Which is a cross of Mendo Breath x Do Si Dos. I have two different phenos, that I cracked from seeds.


image0 (1).jpg

The first two photos is the Peanut Butter Breath pheno #2. This one I am very excited about. The smell is earthy and sour. But what has me excited, is the structure of this pheno. It has been in flower for a little over a week now, and the white pistols are looking very nice.

image0 (3).jpg

Monster Cropping

Monster cropping is when you take a cutting from a plant that has been in flower. When you take a cutting from flower, then put it back into a room with more then 12 hours of light, it will go back into veg mode. This method of cloning produces a bushier clone. This will be the 4th round of me Monster Cropping, and it is something I will start doing from now on. Once you get comfortable with your clone skills, you should too.




The last two photos are the 3rd pheno of PBB I have grown from seed. This one I am not as excited about as pheno 2, but I do have to say the training job I did is a great one! So as you can see this plant looks so much different then the first one. Why you ask? Well these seeds I have are F1. F1 are the first set of seeds when you take two different strains and cross together. F1 is not a stable seed. So when you grow seeds that are F1, each plant will be completely different from each other. But since I have a perpetual grow, all I need is one great plant, so I can just clone. Now I do have a PBB pheno #1, but that one I gave to my co worker, but I do have a cutting that I just transplanted into soil yesterday. So that one will be flowerd in a couple months, and I will decide which PBB will be worthy of keeping around.



I will now start posting my veg and flower room updates to Steem and Smoke.

To all my Smoker's, join the Canna Discord and enhance your block chain game!

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Master cropper! Nice looking plants you got there. Peanut butter breath sounds yummers


Yes im super excited to see how it turns out! To bad i did not get any males of this strain, but hey cant complain

Oh Jonny boy. I want you to post daily so I can upvote you daily


Ill try! Thanks man. That is the most kind words to motivate me to post more often Ive heard in a long time.

The breeders are looking healthy :)


Thank you jack!

Nice :D



Those are looking good so far.


Yeah I need to suck it up and get some fertilizer. I’ve been not adding any for a while, but I really should

Looking healthy!!!


Yeah I left this morning to work and took a peak, and the PBB was praying hard to the gods!

Looking good bro, it's good to see the big toe is back, Lol bong on bro. :-)


This big toe is here to stay