Around, And Around, And Around...................(VEG ROOM UPDATE #10)

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7 months ago

Time for another transplant


Tahoo Og x Og rebounding nice after a transplant


Same plant 5 days ago, right after the transplant from one gallon pot, to a 3 gallon pot


Amazing what a transplant can do. I knew I was pushing the one gallon pot to the limit, but I had to wait to clear out the previous plants before I could transplant. At the max I can have three 3 gallon pots in my veg room, but I like to keep it at 2. It's a fine balancing act I have to play to keep the cycle going with my grow. If I miss a beat, the dominoes will fall, and I could lose a strain, or maybe go without smoke for a brief period. Then I would have to resort to pay high prices at the local club, or resort to the black market and I do not trust, since I do not know any other grower. I hear people talk about this and that, but there is so much poison being pushed, you cant trust no one, especially when money is involved. Especially with the strict mandatory testing they now have here in California, imagine where all the bud that failed the test went? I imagine it's the same everywhere else. So point of the story, be careful and try to know what you are buying.

Enough rambling let me finish this update.



Santa Rita #3 is going to be flipped, but no clones since this will be the last run


Santa Rita #2

Well since Steem Og was a success, I will be retiring the Santa Rita #2. This plant was giving to a friend. This wasn't to hard of a choice, since the Steem #2 is very much alike this pheno, except better! Say bye block chain, for it is forever gone.

I will do a review on the Steem Og very soon. Sorry I haven't, taking pics of buds is not my strong suit, hell I can barley get good pics of my plants! lol Maybe Ill send my buds for @rawpride to review, his pics are always great. Well that's it for now. I got some Steem clones due for a transfer into soil. Thanks for stopping by!



This is the grow that never ends.....



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Looking good bro, good to see you got the big toe in the frame, Lol Thanks for the update, bong on bro. :-)


Haha was just about to say that his toes are photo bombing again


Specially after just having a competition about toe bombing, I had a good laugh as soon as I saw it. Bong on bro. :-)


omg, i didn't even realize that until now! Thanks for stopping by!


That old toe just keeps wanting to jump into the photos, Lol. bong on bro. :-)

looking good. Personal love the pheno on that santa rita. Love fat finger leafs


Yeah i do too, going to miss her, but out with the old, in with the new. I still got seeds of Santa Rita, so maybe ill crack them open soon.

nice plants!!


Thank you!

Man, how much yield you get? :)


Nothing crazy. My light has been inadequate. I have been getting 1/2 oz to 1 oz per plant. Also my strains are low yeilders. But I stay smoking, so thats what counts. I did recently purchase an additional light, so I should get better yeilds.

Look so heathy and you cared it so much.