The beginning of something new!

in #grow
last year

It's been a while since I last posted something. But today I started planting the seeds.
I had a number of different types of seeds from which I could choose, you can see them in 1 of my previous post.
The 2 seeds that I have planted are:

  • Dutch hope.
  • Amnesia bagseed.

The other jars in the photo are watermelon and cucumber.
Now that I have started again, I will regularly update how they grow.

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Haha I thought those are some watermelon and komlommer strains... Then I've read rest of the post.
Cool choice, I got Amnesia Haze prepared for the next grow as well. You can't beat the classic...

Good luck with the grow @jeroen240. Be careful about checking if your bagseeds turn into hermies. I will be following your updates 😊 ✌

Good luck to you my friend...
Nice diversity in your garden.

Congrats on starting this project, lets watch them babies groow

Nice choice on the strains, Never go wrong with amnesia

Nice one mate!!! this will be an indoor or outdoor grow?


First I keep them inside but in the summer I put them outside.


Excellent!!! I love outdoors