My cannabisplants from the past 2 years

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last year

I started planting weed 2 years ago
I started that year in 2017 too late in the season so the plant did not grow that much. I also cut it too late so the plant started to rot and I could throw the entire harvest away.
But I had 2 seeds left for 2018 so I started planting 1 seed in April 2018
After a few weeks the plant had already grown a lot and looked realy good.
Very soon the plant was already bigger than the plant from 2 years ago in 2017!
Fortunately, this year we had a very good summer in the Netherlands, which gave the plant enough sunlight and therefore grew well. Only the plant became so large that it actually became too large for the pot where it was in which he lost his beautiful green color.
But even though it turned yellow, the buds looked very good.
At the end of October the plant was fully grown and I started to cut the plant.
After this I let him dry for a couple of weeks in my attic and I gave the buds to my brother in law. In total I made about 75 grams of weed.
For this year 2019 I have already ordered a number of different seeds to go pot this year. I will start seeding the seeds in March, then pot them until they are fully grown and have enough buds so that I can cut them and let them dry. From this I will make several reports by that time and post on smoke here.
What I have learned in recent years is that I have to start on time and I have bought larger pots so that the roots have more room to grow. Are you wondering how this year is going to go than keep an eye on my page so you can see how it goes.

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