Grow update day 90

in #grow
2 years ago

Today a new update. It has been nice and warm weather in recent days. You see that in the plants because they grew over 10 cm with 15 days ago.


Look how much larger the amnesia haze is compared to the dutch hope when it was always much bigger.


This is the Dutch hope and as you can see he is about 80 cm 15 days ago he was 68 cm.


This is the Amnesia haze he is about 98 cm but 15 days ago he was only 78 cm so the last days he has grown 20 cm.
Below I show some close-ups.

Dutch hope

Dutch hope

Dutch hope

Amnesia haze

Amnesia haze

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Good medicinal plants
Already probably hammering well.

Very nice :) They want a bit more food, but slightly starved cannabis is better quality than slightly overfed. Nice to hit the sweet spot of perfection, but I'll take 'almost enough' any day of the week. :)

Coming along really nicely mate, though very slight yellowing of the leaves?


Yes there are some yellow leaves, but I usually remove them. It is often the largest leaves that turn yellow.

Beautiful bushes. Asking for nitrogen