Grow update day 170

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2 years ago

Today another new update of the plants because I'm going on vacation next week so I can't post anything for a while.
The plants grow well, but the Dutch hope had a lot of dead leaves and leaves with white spots on them. I cut these leaves off. Furthermore, the buds grow well on both plants.

Amnesia haze left Dutch hope right

Amnesia haze As you can see on the photo, these plants have large buds.

Close up of Amnesia haze bud

On this photo you can see that the entire branch is full of buds.

This is another branch full of buds.

This is the upper top of the Amnesia haze.

This is the Dutch hope after I cut some leaves.
There were many leaves on it that were yellow or already starting to turn brown. A number of leaves also had white spots on leaves. I do not know if this can hurt the plant, but I have taken it to be sure.

This is a leave with the white dots.

The three upper tops.

Close up of the bud.

Close up

Close up

I think they need 2 to 3 weeks before they have finished flowering and I can cut and dry them. I will keep you updated on this.

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nice flowers, keep going.
In what climate do you grow or where? if you don't mind mentioning the location


They are in the Netherlands

Some great photography & amazing growing skills, keep it up mate! 👍