Grow update day 158

in #grow
2 years ago

Today a new update. As you can see, the plants have turned a bit yellow, so I removed all those yellow leaves.
I also made a few close up pictures of the buds that are getting bigger and bigger.

Left Amnesia haze and right Dutch hope.

Amneisa haze with the yellow leaves.

Here you see various buds of the Amnesia haze.

Close up Amnesia haze.

On this photo I have removed all the yellow leaves

Amnesia haze

Amnesia haze

Amnesia haze

Dutch hope with the yellow leaves.

On this photo I have removed all the yellow leaves

Dutch hope

Dutch hope

Dutch hope

Dutch hope

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Too much water?


No, not too much water because it has been fairly dry in recent days. I think the plant loses its leaves to put all its energy in the buds.

My friend, these plants look bomb. They are yellowing a bit but that is natural in what I’ve seen.

Your gals are starting to bear fruit and are using a lot of energy for that purpose. A plant will naturally drop leaves it does not require for further growth. Sparing the energy holding on to the fan leaf and redirecting it to the bud nodes.

I always stay just ahead of the plant when removing the fan leaves. If they show any signs of dropping I pull them off. I have found once the plant begins to bud most of the plant can be supported by the sugar leaf alone.

I also periodically remove the upper fan leaves to allow for more light penetration and air flow to the canopy base, I do however grow horizontal, vertical grows may not require this procedure, but I still do it even when growing vertical.

Keep up the great work!

I saw from my friends, they are all so green and yours is a little bit yellow but still look so healthy.

hmm, how about the soil, maybe lack of nutrients, did you mix it with organic compost?


Yes I did that I regularly add nutrients but I think the leaves turn yellow because the plant needs the energy for the buds.