Want To Buy Truckloads of Cannabis Clones? Go To Vienna.... Austria is the "Clone Superstore" Of Europe

2 years ago

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Yeah, all those magic strains, even prized ones are so popular and their mother plants come from the U.S. and other countries around the world, all represented in the clone stores in Austria. The growers found a niche that the law enforcements couldn´ t do anything againts because they are legal in the country. Indeed, cloning of weeds is not prohibited in Austria and many growers even specialize in organic cannabis.

Vienna´s growers have been in this business since a decade... By the Narcotics Substance Act, the cultivation of cannabis is prohibited in the country until its flower. All buyers are asked to understand that there is no way they should let their plants flower for purposes of obtaining THC nor to trade them. At any rate, nobody is controlling those couple of plants if you grow them privately inside your house. There were reports that illegal greenhouses were raided and weeds confiscated, although those were seldom.


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A lot of cannabis clone customers coming from various EU countries come to Vienna to buy their stuff. The biggest and best grower is the Flower Field Gmbh with 45 gardeners and helpers and produces 25k clones per week. The company is a cannabis high tech producer... their clones are grown under tight control and the strain´s growth quality is being observed in their weed lab. In short, they only produce chemical free clones plants. Below are the list of strains they grow under in-vitro according to their website. You might find your own favorite strain among the list below:

Mostly Indica

[AD] Afghan Delight – Soma Seeds
[APK] Austrian Power Kush – clone only
[BD] Black Domina – Sensi Seeds
[BK] Bubba Kush – Humboldt Seed Organisation
[BC] Blue Cheese – Barneys Farm
[BOGO] Bohemian Gold – Panacea Medical Seeds
[CK] Cataract Kush – DNA Genetics
[DCCCC] Deep Chunk – Tom Hill
[DD] Double Dutch – Magus Genetics
[DEP] Deep Purple – TGA Subcool
[HB] Hashberry – Mandala Seeds
[HERJ] Herijuana – Motarebel
[KGB] KGB – Vancouver Island SC
[KK] Kandy Kush – Reserva Privada
[KOSHR] Kosher Kush – Reserva Privada
[LSD] LSD – Barneys Farm
[LE] Leela – Anandaground Farma / clone only
[LUI] Legends Ultimate Indica – Spice of Life
[NK] Nicole Kush – Marimberos by DNA Genetics
[OG] The OG #18 – Reserva Privada
[S*] Sensi Star – Paradise Seeds
[SB] Strawberry Banana – Reserva privada
[SOM] Somango – Soma Seeds
[SOS] Sour Star – Hothouse Flowers
[SPG] Sweet Pink Grapefruit – Spice of Life
[SQ] Speed Queen – Mandala Seeds
[SW] Skywalker – Dutch Passion
[SWOG] Skywalker Kush – Reserva Privada
[Q] Querkle – TGA Subcool
[VWL] Vienna White Light – Vienna Seeds
[VBC] Vienna Black Currant – Vienna Seeds
[VRL] Vienna Red Light – Vienna Seeds
[WRU] White Russian – Serious Seeds

Mostly Sativa

[BBH] Blueberry Haze – clone only
[C99] C99 X NL – Nectar Seeds
[GH] Grüne Hessin – clone only
[JGN] Jack Flash/Jaggen – Sensi Seeds/clony only
[HS] Hawaiian Snow – Greenhouse
[KM] Kali Mist – Serious Seeds
[MSH] Moonshine Haze – Rare Dankness
[NYCD] NYC Diesel – Soma Seeds
[PAN] Panama – ACE Seeds
[RD] Rhöner Dröhner – BTNT / clone only
[SHERB] Solomons Herb – Panacea Medical Seeds
[SLH] Super Lemon Haze – Greenhouse
[SWSK] Sweet Skunk – Spice of Life
[TT] Thai Tanic – Flying Dutchmen


[24K] 24K Gold / Kosher Tangie – DNA Genetics
[AHCC] Amnesia – Hypro Seeds
[AJ] Apple Jack – Seedism
[AK] AK47 – Serious Seeds
[AKU] Amnesia Kush – Panacea Medical Seeds
[AOR] Agent Orange – TGA Subcool
[ATH] Atomical Haze – Paradise Seeds
[B] Bushmans – Herbaria
[BB] Big Bud – Sensi Seeds
[CC] Cookies & Cream – Exotic Genetix
[CH] Chronic – Serious Seeds
[CLP] Chocolope – DNA Genetics
[CNH] Cannalope – unreleased DNA Genetics
[DH] Delahaze – Paradise Seeds
[DIA] Diamond/Double Gum – Swiss Seeds
[EU] Euforia – Dutch Passion
[FLV] The Flav – TGA Subcool
[HE] Heaven – Swiss Seeds
[JC] Jacks Cleaner II – TGA Subcool
[JOG] Jesus OG – TGA Subcool
[KO] Jack Herer – Sensi Seeds
[MS] Medical Star – Panacea Medical Seeds
[NB] Nebula – Paradise Seeds
[NH] Nebula Haze – clone only
[OB] Orange Bud – Dutch Passion
[POG] Pot of Gold – Flying Dutchmen
[RKS] Real Killer Skunk – Reserva Privada
[SLSK] Sleestack Skunk – DNA Genetics
[SSK] Shiva Skunk – Sensi Seeds
[SSSDH] SuperSourDieselHaze – Reservoir Seeds
[STR] Stratos – BTNT / clone only
[TW] Trainwreck – Greenhouse
[TX] Top44 – Homegrown Fantaseeds
[UM] Ultimate Medicine – Panacea Medical Seeds
[VBG] Vienna Bubble Gum – Vienna Seeds
[W] Wappa – Paradise Seeds
[WOW] Wonder Woman – Nirvana
[WS] White Satin – Mandala Seeds


[CBDT] Therapy – CBD Crew
[CRIC] Critical Mass CBD – CBD Crew
[CT] Cannatonic – Resin Seeds

Available in Spring

[AR] Alpine Rocket – clone only / Schweiz
[BUB] Bubblebeere – clone only / Schweiz
[ERD] Erdbeerli – clone only / Schweiz
[SHA] Shaman – Dutch Passion
[S6] Serious 6 – Serious Seeds


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Another famous Store in the city is the Hanf & Hanf ( Hemp & Hemp), actually the oldest grow shop....which is located in the 2nd District. You will be amazed at the strains they offer... You see, the selling of seeds in Germany and Switzerland is prohibited and therefore, cannabis enthusiast cross our borders and buy loads of the clones in Vienna.

Hanf & hanf (2).jpg
Image source: Hanf & Hanf

A lot of users are asking what the fucking hell do they create such law... growing but no flowering! The only answer I coud think of is ... this cloning industry creates many jobs. The Hanf & Hanf alone has more than 20 gardeners and will be employing more since the demand is enorm.... On Green Friday that is once a month, they even close doors because too much people come to buy discounted strains. The line has always been long and the people have to wait outside the shop for their turn.

Lastly, critics said that the clone shops are uncontrollable at this stage and the present government (Conservative Freedom Party) is planning to prohibit all growing shops and even the CBD products will be included in the prohibition.... Seems tough, but before this could be done, it will take them around 4-5 years and probably by that time, them parties will not win the election.

So if you live in places neighboring Austria, go get your truckload of cannabis clones soon!

Keep puffin´for a high!


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That's fantastic, I like it. Now that's my idea of a Super store, that's great thanks for sharing this story. Bong on bro. :-)


Glad you like it... hopefully, after Canada, they would change the law and legalize the recreational.
Keep on puffin' for a high bro! Cheers!


Getting top quality weed, hash, pills and coke in Vienna is easy if you know the right people to deal with. I will highly recommend our local vendor ( [email protected] ) he has extensive knowledge of Vienna and can hook you up with the best quality of bud without any hassle. Just hit him up and place your order. He is very professional and keep things discreet. You won't regret dealing with him. Email "local420delivery(at)gmail(dot)com "

Loving Vienna now and Thinking of migrating to that place, lol! a truckload imagine that!


Yeah...make your future plans..it's a nice clean city and very green... hahaha..am welcoming you now! Don' t forget that Opec meeting with your boss in Vienna.

This is what comes to my mind :P


TRUE! Lol.

Now that’s what I call a store! :D


Aren't they fantastic stores?! You can choose the strains you want to grow.

So interesting and had no idea at all about this! Trip to Vienna added to the never ending list ....


LOL, you'll love the stores and the cloned strains. Thanks!

great post! re smoking it!


Thanks my friend..

A lot of users are asking what the fucking hell do they create such law... growing but no flowering!

the present government is planning to prohibit .... it will take them around 4-5 years

Perhaps the policy was also reasonably far-sighted? ie with the awareness that Cannabis legalisation will sweep the world pretty soon...a little backdoor maybe? :)

I would imagine the situation in 4-5 years will make it impossible for reactionary fuddy-duddies to prevent. Besides, if bigPharma are gearing up for peddling dubious weed, politicians will be in their usual position of having to apply their tongues to whichever butt is proffered!

Wonderful resource this clone superstore is! I can't grow atm, but when I did, I relied on friends with motherplants. Wonder how long it'll take fuddy-duddy UK politicians to start licking some Cannabis butt once they realise the potential for greasy pole-climbing it offers :D.


Yeah... they, the gov't sort of wants to move backwards with the prohibition... But, I think they will think it carefully as more and more countries are legalizing marijuana...
Medical cannabis has long been legalized over a decade in Austria..they just keep it under low profile.. It was the red who made the policy... grow shops are in almost every viennese districts..For as long as you are over 18, you can grow some couple of weeds privately... In Austria, the gov't said they want to control the alarming growth of these shops. Flower Field, the best high tech clone producer has moved to Italy (The Toscana) so his lab is ready anytime to produce those quality clones. And as we know, Italy is one of the main weed producers in Europe supplying medical cannabis to pharmaceuticals..

hey @indaymers I am going to vienna in one month... is it hard to find weed in the city? not CBD bs but real weed. Can I just enter a store like this and ask for it? is it bad practice? give me some orientation pls! :)


I have overlooked this comment... sorry I was inactive for almost two months.... To answer your question... no , you can´t buy any of the real weed (recreational) in Vienna unless you go underground. You can only buy the medicinal in grow shops but the THC is only max 3%... if you go clubbing, you´ll be lucky if you find someone that would sell to you in the black market.. good luck!