The Colas of My Girls ( Strains from Seed Growing)

8 months ago

from seed 1-COLLAGE.jpg

Hey Guys!

Today, I have taken close-up shots of the colas from strains I have grown as seeds. I germinated 6 and they all have grown into healthy plants. Four of them are already in the flowering stage, they are auto feminized seeds that came from a grow shop from an andalucian town near the coast.

Above cola images clockwise from top : Northern Light, Choco Skunk, California Kush, 2nd Choco Skunk

I have realized that the automatic femenized strains are really fast in growing than the normal feminized seeds. These are growing much shorter but are already shifting to the flowering stage after about 6 weeks of vegetation. I think I will oft for more autos but will try to have a bigger pot so they can grow a bit taller.

Green Poison (From Seeds)

green poison seeds.jpeg>

I have been waiting for this strain to flower, sown at the same time as the four strains above on April 10...they are not shifting yet to the flowering stage... and it is already at day 76th and there are no pistils yet nor any sign that they are about to flower already. Seeds are samples from Sweet Seeds that I got from a grow shop in Granada.

Image below: Two Green Poison(from seed), day 76

It says in the pack that the seeds are fast version

indica: 70% / Sativa 30%
Indoor growing flowering: 6 weeks
If cultivated outdoor ... harvest should be around end of August/Beginning of Sept.

The way I see them, they seem to be healthy and lush... so I would have to wait when the shifting would begin. They are getting flowering nutrients ( Terra flora) and soil is always moist. So I hope they would flower soon because we are travelling again in Oct. this year for months and I am afraid I wouldn´t be able to harvest them soon enough. I am crossing my fingers again, they would soon show their pistils...

from seed 21.jpg

Stay cool.... keep puffin´ for a high!


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For my eyes, from my heart every thing in your plants give attraction to everyone. If they are human, your girls have a strong appeal that attracts people. That's the best of @indaymers. I really appreciated how you cared them so you deserve a good harvest in the end. Even your dwarf girl will give you more. jejejeje Small but terrible, That's it my dear. Keep high high!


Thank you Deevi of @lawlai for being here again with your wonderful comments.. I always love reading them. I'll be flying to Doha next week, it's a pity that you are not in Qatar, we could see each other for I have a long stop-over and I could go out of the airport. Well, maybe next time if I fly with Saudia huh...


Oh! Yeah,but please don't dare to bring any single seed here in Saudi Arabia, wahahaha, my???? will be???? Anyway, my prayers for your good trip and happy meeting with your siblings and other member of the family..


Hahaha... I wouldn´t even dare to imagine bringing cannabis seeds in a muslim country.... I do not want my head cut off , LOL!

I have never had autoflower seeds, but I want to try them outdoor one day. Nice shots!


You've got to get autoflowering seeds... they are fast and will surely yield a good harvest if planted outdoor.. Mine are just in containers so they are rather a bit smaller.

Looking great:) I have to try that strain.

Ah..the way they enjoy sun ...

All your ladies are looking great. The auto's are looking super frosty, the mix of strain you got will make some sweet flavors. The green poison one might not be flowering yet seen they are normal seeds and the days are longer then the nights she won't flower. Unfortunately when growing outside that won't happen till the end of summer when the nights get longer and the days shorter. I could be wrong but just my thoughts. As for them getting bigger, you need bigger pots to form a lager root mass. There's a saying "more roots more fruits" with auto's you need to put them in a big pot from the start because transplanting them will stress them to much.


Yeah, I will limit my plants next season because I´d like to have bigger pots as my top terrace is small.. Other than the weeds, I also have many veggies planted so I might reduce them next time... Thanks for the tip! I will surely remeber those... Thanks for visiting too!

ay wow, andami dami na, so greenish! you are really awesome on growing plants. for aure they are happy to have belonged to you. I am vurious about the choco skunk if they grow and taste like chocos? LOL. and looking on them , seems like they have their own beauty and design , also right po? . The last photo looks like a balinghoy / kamoteng kahoy. hehe.
thanks for sharing your growies to us,
stay awesome, keep puffin and shinin' here 👌💚


Salamat! Trying hard talaga para may masabi ako sa blog dito... At least mukhang ok naman sa kanila... The last photo, really! Yes, I remember my mom had a garden full of kamoteng kahoy... the leaf and leaf stalk really looked like that of kamoteng kahoy.. Thanks for visiting, here´s to our kamoteng kahoy! Cheers!!!