Status of The Mildew -Stricken Bubble Gum Strain

9 months ago

Hey guys!

I have posted last about the problem I´ve had for this strain and I think I found the right solution. It was very humid yesterday morning when I inspected the Bubble Gum strain that got the fungus. I think the plant has stabilized after I sprayed it two times in two consecutive days with the Baking Soda/ Water mixture.

The Bubble Gum Strain



The spots were still there on the leaves but the mildew has been eradicated, at least I hope so, I think the mixture is a good one for a homemade concoction fighting such pest. And to think that baking soda does not harm the growing buds, I am happy to have found a solution. The pistils continue to grow and the new leaves did not have signs of the pest. Still hoping that the problem is solved now and that the mildew won´t come back.


I´m wishing all of you a lovely evening wherever you maybe! Enjoy your Js and in the meantime...

...keep puffin´ for a high!


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Now I know we can use baking soda safely for any plants. I'm so happy for you @indaymers, your girls survive from the storm and from those fungus attacked. You are so lucky and I want to see puffing from your own girls, jejejeje

from now on I will make that baking soda as my first remedy for aphids for my newly grown brussels coffee, lanzones and dates seedlings, I think that will help those bugs dead and stops the spread of molds.
thanks for the idea.


You´ve got to try this amazing mixture, it´ll surely help especially the seedlings and most especially to your cacao plants....


yeah, cacao and coffee get molds easily after the rainy season and I don't want those steam borers to multiply.

wow, it is indeed true about baking soda. it has lots of uses specially for cleaning. thanks for sharing this idea to us. i can see those fungus spots still but your girls looks strong naman po. i believe they will survive that like how they did from the hail storm . take care po and keep growing those ..

keep rockin' and puffin' here 👌💚💚💚


Indeed, the spots are still there but the fungus as such are gone... the baking soda is a natural ingredients that can be applied in cleaning the house too . I use it in cleaning my oven... helps a lot. So anytime the mildew would strike again on my Bubble Gum strain, it won´t spread to other branches anymore.

If it doesn't go, you could always selectively remove poor performing leaves? Don't worry, maybe next strains pick more resistant genetics? Best of luck indaymers 👍


Thank you... yeah, am still positive that this will survive and am not losing hope tho... I will do better next season, promise!


I'll hold you to that promise! Haha ;P


Don´t worry... I´ll keep that promise. Lololol!