Saying Goodbye To My Girls - Experimental Grow In Andalucia

4 months ago


It had been a sad day that I had to bring my girls to the Grow Shop and left them there. We had to cut short our stay in Andalucia by 5 weeks because we had to go back to our home base for some important appointment that was unavoidable.

NL 2.jpg

As far as the two Green Poisons were concerned, one was a male plant as I told in my previous post and the other was a female but did not really develop to what I was hoping for. One began flowering by showing pistils but because of the cold weather, its growth had been affected, it survived the cold temps tho but it didn´t grow tall, not even 30 cms high... compared to the ones I have grown last Spring/Summer under good environment, the mother plant grew more than 2 meters high.


So I phoned Diego, the owner of the grow shop, last Friday and told him I was bringing the girls to him because I had to leave the country short of 5 weeks as planned....last Monday was the day. His comment was the plants haven´t had a pretty outlook because with 6 weeks age, the plants were still small and from their appearance, they looked as if they were still on veg status... I germinated the buds on Nov 28 and for autoflowering seeds, pistils should be showing already at that stage. The two strains should be harvested approximately 70 days after seed germination.

NL WW 2.jpg

In Andalucia, the weather could be fine during the winter season... Our town has an average of 18°C whole year . But there are times that Andalucia is visited by harsh weather like the bad days we´ve had last December. The girls didn´t have enough sun because most days in November and December were cloudy. It was a come and go situation for the sun this year and one can see it in the White Widow´s leaves, a bit anemic (yellowish) although the stem grew thicker.

White Widow.jpg

NL 3.jpg

The fluctuation of the temperature the last two months had been enorm because we´ve had some hurricane-like very cold wind for almost a week in December. To conclude, if growing outdoor, colder temps slow down growth. And so, the outcome of my experiment is that, one can´t really grow outdoor during winter if the temps are below 15°C. Growing in hot temps is not good either, too much heat will also affect the plant. If you were following my grow last Summer, I was even using a sun umbrella to shield my girls from too much heat on the terrace... and it did help because I´ve had a nice harvest. So, the safest way to grow cannabis during winter is to have a grow tent indoor complete with all the gadgets.

last harvest amnesia platinum.jpeg
Last season´s harvest of Amnesia Platinum

Back at homebase now, I´ll be looking forward to a good start

of my grow season. Thanks for visiting!

Keep puffin´ for a high!


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It's unfortunate that you were not able to see this grow all the way through. It seems like there were a handful of issues with the weather as well and other factors, so maybe it's not that big of a deal to you. :P They did look pretty and even healthy, even if they were smaller than they should have been.


I've had strains from this grow shop before and they were really small in sizes even tho I was growing them mid Spring outdoor.. but then again, there are many issues to be considered to ensure healthy growth .. I will try to grow better next time I hope..

you'll miss your girls for sure but Diego can manage to take good care of your grows, hoping. and yeah some important things have to be taken first seriously and I know it exactly we're in the same situation right now, keep on!


Yeah..missing them now. At any rate, my hope is that it will still flourish the way they should grow as auto strains. Glad you visited, Ty!

Your girls are in good hands @indaymers and am pretty sure Diego will send you some stuffs for the coming Holidays.

Goodbye girls! You will missed @indaymers. Then she will be missing taking care of you both. I hope Diego will give his attention you in behalf of @indaymers. See you next year girl!