Protecting The Forthcoming Harvest

3 months ago

indoor 12.jpg

Hey Guys!

Good evening! It is actually Sept. 11 now in my zone and am sharing this post today about the two Green Poison which are nearing their harvest anytime soon. Summer is slowly fading and giving way to the start of Fall and it is darn cold at nights with temps between 12°C & 15°C. I was worried about these two girls since a couple of nights ago , it rained almost nonstop.

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In The Craft Room

Anyways, I thought of protecting the girls from the bad cold weather so I placed them inside the craft room. The buds are almost full and heavy. The craft room is adjascent to the top terrace and is the ideal place since I can transfer the pots in and out of the house. The weed plants are facing the sunniest part of the house with the window a bit tipped/opened so that there is air circulation.

indoor 16.jpg

Handle With Care

I am too careful now on the top most stem of each plant since it is the main part of the plant that has the biggest is heavy and it is where the biggest concentration of the flowers are found. Once it breaks, it´s adieu to the work and time spent on them since germination last April 10.

indoor 11.jpg

indoor 1.jpg

indoor 3.jpg

Sugary Trichomes

Trichomes that look like sugar are already forming on the leaves too... The smell of the buds are very strong that you would notice it once you enter the main door. The craft room is the top most part of the house (45 steps from the ground) and with its open door, the smell spread right away in all parts of the staircase.... and if anyone knows the smell of cannabis, then suspicisions may surely arised on his mind.

indoor 5.jpg

indoor 10.jpg

indoor 16.jpg

indoor 8.jpg

Back On The Terrace

The transfer to the craft room had only been for two nights... the temperatures outside rose between 20°C & 24°C. We´re having clear skies, so I took back the girls outside for them to enjoy the sunny weather.

indoor 9.jpg

The other clones Amnesia Platinum, OGK and Bubble Gum are doing good with their bud formations. They remained outside and withstood the cold weather.

indoor 15.jpg

That´s it from me today and thanks for reading... I hope you´re all doing good with your tokes! So puff puff...

...keep puffin´ for a high!


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mygad you're like a mother to your green girls over there and looking at your grows I can picture out all that smell if only it is in my house am sure the cops would ask me to let them stay and smell the aroma while they handcuffed me hahaha... btw, your healthy babies gives great vibes.
Cheers to the good harvest.
Smoke on!


I am telling you..this strain will be very potent. And I hope pistil will become brown already since that's a sign that they are ready to running out of time since we will be travelling soon. Thanks for coming over here..


wow, you are spending more time flying to and fro that's good, have a safe trip in advance.


We're still here til mid October and I hope I could make the curing of the nugs properly since it also takes days to dry. Thanks for the well wishes..I'll see yah around...

we now have these beautiful babies right here. Your girls are sooo lucky to have you, you really are giving extra .. super tender loving care.. and it definitely shows.. you are an awesome grower that's why we are inspired and we crave more of that.. thanks for sharing again..
keep rockin' and puffin po 👌💚💚💚

I can imagine how you transfer the pot from one place to another. You need someone to carry to avoid damage. You really cared them so much. I am hoping for you a good harvest in return of caring them like a baby. When you are in our place, I think it will be a big money jejejeje. Don't forget to save seed for me. Remember I want to visit you someday @indaymers


Sure, no problem..I can save some strains for you since I will be planting again next season. It's a cycle so there is much of it in store.. TY!

I really envy not having those babies in my garden. Pls kindly set aside some seeds for me when @lawlai visits your place ok? Am excited to see one grow under my care and make my own experiments!. The rest are healthy looking too. Good job @indaymers!


Yeah sure, I´ll set aside some seeds for you when @lawlai visits me here. Oh I´m sure it´ll grow in your place abundantly.. thanks!

Looking awesome! Here’s to our harvests!


Indeed my friend! Thanks a lot ..we'll harvest almost at the same time... hehehe.. looking forward to that day....Cheers too!

wooow so exciting


Thank you for dropping -by..

Thats looking so awesome. Beautiful job cheers


Hi guys! Thanks..