Pre-Harvest Images Of Gorilla Zkittlez

3 months ago

Gorilla Zkittlez


Mostly indica....

This is an indica (60%) dominant strain that has a THC of about 24%. I have not tried this strain but is it supposed to be a powerful strain with a genetics combination of Gorilla + Zkitlez. I have cultivated this auto feminized plant indoor and in a pot that has been placed on my window sill with enough sunshine and air.


Very resinous....

The resins look like sparkling glass when zoomed....and that is one characteristic of a weed that has a high potency with good THC production. The pistils are now coppery orange brown leading to a sooner harvest.**


potted auto feminized....

Since it is planted in a pot, I was sure it would not grow that tall as what they said in the description of the strain. I had cultivated feminized seeds last year (in a container) and they really didn´t grow so tall that at a time I thought they are a bonsai type of strain´...Lol! At any rate, If I would start to grow anew, I´ll simply germinate my own seeds.

GZ 4.jpg

The resinous leaves are so sticky and even when the plants are placed upstairs, I could smell its wonderful aroma from lowest part of the house. It´s smells very fruity and so, I think I will have a nice additional strain for my stash.

GZ 7.jpg

GZ 14.jpg

Gorilla Zkittlez has a very sweet aroma


These are pre-harvest images and tomorrow I will be cutting this down together with the AK 47. It took more than 100 days for the buds to get so matured. I had been waiting for days for the pistils to get that copper brown color and this week the time has finally come for the harvest.

20191002_231445 - Kopie.jpg


GIF by @gremayo

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Wow!, from the first glance it shines like a diamond gorgeously looking and inviting to have its taste. Good job @indaymers!


Thanks, as you know I was not happy when I got them, because the girls were alfready on the flowering stage, but then pandemic came and the grow shop was closed the following days. but glad I retained them even if the buds aren´t that many.

It looks so healthy ,as if there's a sugar sprayed over the plant . You really have a gifted hands since then and so lucky for growing it freely.


Yeah, that´s why those leaves are called sugar leaves, there is concentration of THC on them too... When I trim those leaves, I´ll gather them and dry them and include in my stash of decarbed leaves for my sweets.

Well done @indaymers!


Thank you.