Oh No No No!!! The Cloned Bubble Gum Got WPM (White Powdery Mildew) !!!

last year

Hey Smokers, Good Evening!

Mold Alarm!!!

Yeah, you read it right. One plant got MOLDS!!! Today in the morning while inspecting my weed girls, I discovered that Bubble Gum, one of the 3 clones has continued to contract a white powdery mildew (WPM for short). I knew the strain BG got this when I came back from my vacay because hubbz told me about it over the phone. So when I arrived from my holiday, I defoliated the plant with the hope that it wouldn´t come back. I was wrong!

weed pest.jpg

So what is WPM?

They are white patches of fungal growh that look like flour scattered on each leaf and invade the green leaves of your cannabis plants .... if not treated, they spread so rapidly throughout the whole plant making your buds not usable. My defoliation of the leaves of the BG was fast and thought they wouldn´t come back.. the trouble is there is no air circulation in and around my terrace atm. It is very still and no there´s no wind and that is what makes the fungus spread so rapidly because of very high humidity.

weed pest2.jpg

I am growing in containers and these containers are placed outside the terrace. Unfortunately , I am in an area where probably growing is problematic because our city has very high humidity with a yearly average of 72% RH. When there is no air movement and humidity is high, it´s like a pre-invitation to such parasites because they will easily settle onto the leaves of the cannabis. The fungus thingy is rapidly spreading in just a matter of hours.... so it has to be stopped immediately before it reaches the buds.

weed pest 5.jpg

Very High Humidity And A Home Made Solution

Other strains such as the two Green Poison germinated from seeds are very resistant and hopefully they don´t contract such parasites. I am inspecting all other strains Amnesia and OGK in the morning and in the afternoon and so far, they seem to be growing normally. Now I have to treat these molds and I will be trying the combination of Baking Soda added to water and let´s see if it works. I have researched and found this formula:

2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
3. 3/4 liters of tap water

Mix thoroughly and fill this in a sprayer and spray all infected areas.

weedpeszt 8.jpg

weedpest 7.jpg

The problematic BG above and below... I have segregated it away from the others and I am anxious whether the baking soda/water combination helps a bit. I will have to wait and see tomorrow and the next following days whether I am successful, if not I have to get help at the grow shop.

weedpest 10.jpg

In the meantime guys .....keep puffin´ for a high!

cover smoke.io.jpg

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Poor girls! I hope that baking soda could help to removed that white powder in your plants. Long before when my plant had it, I used tide powder mix with water. But I think baking soda is the better choice removing that disturbing powder. About humidity, how can you handle living a place like that. Maybe you need to move to Spain again.
How is 'our body pain now dear @indaymers?


I am ok now ..thanks! Yeah me too. I hope it helps...baking soda does wonders and I hope it eradicates the spots...


Thank you dear that you are now in good condition. What will happened, your girls are sick and you are not feeling as well too. Lily your lovely dog could not take care both of 'ou wajajaja. Then lily will be sick if ever..
Thanks God.


wahahaha... LIly is doing fine except she´s always exhausted after eating! But thanks for your concern. I will take care of that weed until the spots are gone...promise!

so baking soda makes wonders.
I hope it stops there and won't infect the other beauties because sometimes even if it gets healed, that molds will just pop up even to the isolated ones you need a greenhouse now to regulate humidity.
keep on @indaymers!


The other plants are resilient..I guess it has something to do with the strain's
genetics. In a couple of days we'll know it the baking soda really stops the molds. Many thanks for dropping by.



Yeah..hopefully the spray kicks everything off the plant. But I can't tell ..if the molds stay, I would have to use commercial product to eradicate them... you see if not treated soon... they'll spread in the buds spoiling it..thanks for being here darl Francesca. Hope everything 's ok with you.


WOW, THAT'S SO CRAZY! Well keep an eye on it!


I will darl.... and I am going to get rid of those fungus!

I have heard silica can help prevent this and a few other different types of issues. Im sure you know that or someone else has commented this lol but if not. This i have heard from many people and it works on mine.


Thanks for visiting.... I am growing in containers and have the plants on the top terrace. I am not familiar using silica, but the only ones I know are those substance used to dry flowers... and it is a subtance that is composed of special salt that will absorb the humidity and therefore keep the things dry that will prevent forming of mildew.

Good luck in the fight against the parasite, I hope everything will be fine.


Sure hope so too! Thanks for the visit.

Oh no! I really hope you're able to get rid of the wpm before too late, maybe quarantine from the other plants? Best of luck indaymers! 👍


I already segregated it from the rest 4 of the plants... but I am sure, if I see the molds or if ever it comes back, I will surely get something from the grow shop to fight the spread, if I would have to remove the sport in each leaf, I´ll do it.... Many thanks for visiting.....appreciating all your support! Have a nice Thursday!

Great read.


Thank you.