My Grow Shop Tour in Granada, Andalucia (Southern Spain)

7 months ago

Dan (right), Planta Alta owner and his assistant Alex.

Hello Smokers!

In one of my last posts, I was mentioning that I was picking up a friend who was at that time having a Christmas vacay in Andalucia. So before New Year´s eve, I drove about an hour from our village in Torrox to meet her up in Granada. We were supposed to meet in our hotel, we´ve had 2 tickets the following day to tour Alhambra. I drove a bit earlier from home so I could make it to the appointment I made with one of the grow shops called Planta Alta Grow Shop before proceeding to the hotel to stay overnight. I was able to see another shop below , but due to time constraints and the so many customers, I left the shop heading towards the private Parkhouse for my car.


Map of Grow Shops In Granada

As you can see in this map, there are about 20 grow shops in the town of Granada alone, excluding the ones in the outskirts which are more bigger warehouses as they are located in industrial areas. Most of these town shops, however small ( rent is very expensive), sell seeds and other grow materials and tools under wholesale prices. So if you are a grower or wanted to have a plantation, you need to buy minimum of 100 seed packs. I have to mention that all these grow shops are legit and have licenses to sell cannabis seeds as well as other materials for growing. I saw huge turbo exhaust fans for green houses as well as various professional grow lights that are meant for normal soil or hydroponic growing.

Granada Grow Shops Map.png

Planta Alta Grow Shop


It took me about an hour to reach the shop´s address. It´s quite tricky to drive inside busy Granada even if you have a GPS. The streets were narrow and since I did not have an updated GPS software, it was quite a drive because some streets that were used to be two-ways have been turned into a one way street, still I managed to reach the shop though. The shop owner named Dan is in his mid 40s and he welcomed me in his shop. He´s a nice chap who explained to me the reasons why there are more grow shops in Granada than anywhere else in Spain.

It is the mountainous locations of the Sierra Nevada and the mountains of Las Alpujarras that made it easier for the farmers to set-up cannabis plantations. Further, he said that the poor farmers have better chances of earning more in growing cannabis than vegetables. So even if there are plenty of raids by the local police as well as by the Guardia Civil (National Police) , farmers still risk growing them. Cannabis is still illegal in Spain, but the law is quite relaxed for as long as one follows the law set by the government. One can grow recreational cannabis in Spain for up to 4 plants, but one is prohibited to show what one grows in public nor neighbors should see it if you grow them on your terrace. You can´t smoke it in public places either. If you get caught, a huge penalty is awaiting for you to pay plus perhaps imprisonment for possession of prohibited drugs.


From what I saw, the shop is really a haven for growers. If you do not find what you´re looking for, they will order it for you which would take a day or two to arrive. The seeds are to be pre-ordered as the shop do not stock that much. And oh, the grow shops are not allowed to sell CBD products or finished medicinal items because they do not fall under the category of a grow shop.


Dan gave me some samples of the seeds and I was astound to get a pack that is a mastersample of Karribean Mango.... 1 seed costs 8.50 Euros and he gave me a pack of 10 seeds, I thought wow!!!....a Christmas gift he said. Then I asked for his available seeds and he had this Green Poison below and sold it to me at 50% discounted price of 10 Euros, a prepacked of 4 seeds from Sweet Seeds...Lol, another Christmas Gift and a free pack of Clonix... I thanked Dan for the gifts and for the wonderful chat... what a beautiful day, I thought!


Image Source

Karribean Mango

It is actually a feminized plant that produces only female plants... an indica dominant mix of Afghani and Mango genetics that is crossed with black Domina. According to the producer Kannabia Seeds Company, it has a very aromatic scent similar to that of tropical fruits which is characterized by the mango Skunk, an indica-dominant mixture of heritage and therefore has a sweet accented taste. And more to that, because Kannabia crossed it with Black Domina, it resulted to not only its sweet taste but also a cocktail of bitter-sour aroma ... but still has a predominantly sweet and fruity taste that could remind you of the Carribean. Unfortunately, I coudn´t find any indications as to its THC content.

And because the influence of Black Domina is huge, the flowers are bigger in size. For a better growth, this strain would need a lot of feed which would make the flowers develop long, thick tails that look spongy. The flowers are heavy and dense and it could grow up to 2 meters high and will flower after 60-70 days. Moreover, it can be grown indoor or outdoor or in greenhouses with yields between 400-500 grams per m2. I think that we´re going to get a good harvest from this variety. And btw, it should be pest and mold resistent.

Here are the effects according to

Effects: Happy, relaxed, hungry, creative, sleepy
Medical : Headaches, Insomia, Lack of appetite, stress
Negatives: Dry eyes, dry mount, anxious

This strain won the Cannabis Cup in the category Indica at the Copa Cannabica Axarquia Velez Malaga, Spain in 2013.

More descriptions and info can be found here. and here.

Green Poison


Green Poison Nug... Image Source

Green Poison Description


Green Poison cannabis strain is a 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid created by Sweet Seeds. Don’t let her compact look fool you as this bud throws some serious punches. On average, her THC levels are at 15-20%, 0.30/0.95% CBD. Green Poison nugs are light green, covered in small crystals and thin amber hairs. They boast an aroma mix of flowers, skunk and spice. Green Poison marijuana strain is good for evening and night time medical and recreational use.

Type of High

Green Poison marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by deep body-mind relaxation. Boosts energy and creativity, prompts giggles. Alleviates depression, relaxes the body, relieves stress, has mild analgesic properties.

Grow Information>:
Flowering time:49-56 DAYS
Yield: 2.32 OZ / FT 2
Height: 70 INCHES (1.78 m)
Difficulty: EASY

Free Clonex the shop owner gave me as gift.

The Court of the Lions, inside Alhambra

Sierra Nevada.jpg
View of the snow capped Sierra Nevada as seen from one of the towers of Alhambra

Note: All images are original unless otherwise stated.
If interested, you can read my first cannabis grow shop tour in the town of Torrox.

That´s it for now...wishing you guys have a good start of the week ahead!

Keep puffin´ for a high!

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Dan seems awesome! I really liked this tour because in the future I think cannabis shops will be clamoring to have shop reviews on! This was very enjoyable. Thanks for taking the time to take us to the shop with you!


Thank you for the nice comment, appreciate it bro! Indeed Dan is a nice guy. I left a note about and he as grow shop appreciated it that such cannabis community exist. He said he is of course thankful about featuring his shop on

what a great adventure thank you for sharing your experience with our community


Sorry for the late reply, I had been very busy lately. Thank you for being here.

So, this was why we can't contact you days ago, I love to visit that Lions court. You have an amazing tour as we see, keep it up and cheers!


LOL, it was an awesome experience viditing indside the palace, it´s so huge and incredible the way the scripts were sculptured on the wall... so awesome and priceless.

Great review. I love fruity strains. Sain sounds like a pretty chill place for growers. For them being so lax about it. If only my country was like that.


Thank you for visiting. Sorry for the laste reply... But I appreciate your lovely comments.

wow an incredible trip and very successful quality products and gift prices my friend


Indeed.... I was lucky to have made an appointment with the owner... thanks fr dropping by.

Sounds like you had a great time and managed to get yourself some freebies as well, awesome. Thanks for sharing your great story and it was an excellent review, great post, bong on. :-)


Hi bro! How have you been doin´? Yes, indeed I had a great time visiting the town and of course happy that I got freebies. Many thanks for dropping by to say hello! Bong on!

a lot of interesting info from Spain. very nice picture with "The Court of the Lions" RESMOKED! Regards and all the best @indaymers! Happy SMOKE!