LST For Lily Kush - A Quick Update!

3 months ago


Hey Stoners!

This is just a quick update on Lily Kush I put her under LST. It´s been about 70 days now since I discovered her germinating in a pot. As a reminder, I named her Lily Kush in honor of my chihuahua dog named Lily who died last May 22. Although she is a bit neglected due to the stress I have right now in lieu of our moving to a new place, I think she is doing good.



The white spots on the fan leaves seen from the last post was due to the lesser nute she was getting. I know she is recovering from the shock of topping and defoliating too two weeks ago. Yeah, but she´ll survive!



So today, I put her on low stress training and I simply used bamboo sticks and rubber bands just to hold her branches in place.


New leaves are growing now and I hope her condition will improve as time goes.....


That´s all for now, keep safe everyone.... til next time!

20191002_231445 - Kopie.jpg


GIF by @gremayo

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I am so intrigued to see so many methods for growing cannabis. The plant is definitely recovering nicely!


Thank you.

Good to know that your lily kush is doing very well and lily would be happy with the progress also and congrats to your growing too, and btw, I saw Kudin's post in his fb wall last time he put some mj on his mongo dish, lol😊

It is so sad to remember Lily. One friend told me that when our pet die, it saves our life. Cute Lily had gone but he is always remembered through your Lily Kush. See you with your next update and harvest. So amazing Lily kush!

Hope to see you enter in the T-Pak challenge! Check out our latest post. :)


Thanks for the invite... it´s never too late. I´ll try if I can catch up.... have been busy, we´re moving out to a new home..

This is the first time I saw that Lily Kush and looks great. 🙂 @indaymers

That is a hell of a root ball!