Looks Like I Will Be Harvesting The Green Poison Any Day Now !

9 months ago

cover 5.jpg

Hola Stoners! It´s Friday the 13th.... Good Morning!

Yeah, the time has come and the long wait will soon be over, I´ll be harvesting the Green Poison anytime soon!!! The work and time spent from day 1 (April 10 seed germination) til now has paid off. This strain is so robust, I didn´t have any problem whatsoever. It has been 156 days now and the soon to be harvest is a good news for me on a Friday the 13th because this day is a good omen, the moon is full, the buds are big, almost all pistils are brown and curled.

The trichomes are developing fully and so sticky that I have to wear gloves when inspecting the buds. The smell is so pungent that its aroma is all over the terrace. Just to metion, I still have the three clones which are still in their budding process. I think they will be due by the end of Sept. I didn´t expect that this project will be a success since I didn´t grow so many weeds (9 plants) all at once before. The only problem I had was with the cloned Bubble Gum, but it is ok now and its pistils keep on growing. I´m über excited to harvest, trim and cure the buds soon. I am wishing all other growers to have a good harvest too!

cover 6.jpg

cover 1b.jpg

cover 6.jpg

cover 1a.jpg

cover 1c.jpg

I hope you like the bud images of the Green Poison strain.

Thanks for visiting.

Keep puffin´ for a high!

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ay wow. perfect pansahog na sa sinigang po yan o bulanglang hahaha. the have grown so beautiful. you are super mom to your babies.. even the days you can remember and you know how many.. really amazing grower. wishing one day we can have some of that. good luck on your harvest po. i wonder if your hubby tasted those too? like your previous smoothies and choco choco mucho hehe.
keep rockin and puffin here po 👌💚💚💚


I think growing has also something to do with pure luck...you see, my pots are small and does not correspond to the size of the weed plant... but overseeing how they grow everyday, plus the feed and loving care ... they grew to be a huge bush despite the little soil.. thanks dear @zephalexia for the lovely comment.. Mabuhay!

Harvest time, love to hear that you reaping abundance now, wish to be there and be a part of that harvesting that would be fun I know and it's like having a confetti with that healthy greens in the basket.
Can't wait for your next post with the harvest.
Smoke on!


Yeah, wished you are here amigo... am anxious on the trimming already, been waiting for that moment. Days of waiting for the final moment is fun.. It'll surely be a memorable one. THANKS and cheers!

Looks awesome. I'm right behind you! Your buds look like the will be plentiful.


I hope so too my friend. I've always been on the look-out for your growing tips. And it was worth following your example...thank you for being an awesome grower and smoker.. cheers to us!

This is the day that you will rejoice the return of your hard work @indaymers. Feed us with those buds jejejeje. Seriously, I am so happy for these harvest. I know it will help you with your pain. It is a good purpose for you and don't need to buy. Owned organic herbs is the best safest way. I heard that some puffers got sicked not because of the cannabis but the pesticides they used it during growing period.
Have a nice day darling!


Good morning @lawlai.. you are very early today.. I hope Ididn't wake you up with notification on your cellphone..Lololol.. I slept long in the afternoon yesterday so I am having insomia right now so I made this post.Thanks for the lovely comments. Nice to have you here ..Good Mornight!


It's my favorite time, waking up early for a blockchain work here and there. Crypto world is real. It keeps me moving all the way down. jejejeje.
I'm checking post in Smoke.io for more information and benefits.


hahaha whatda! moving all the way down @lawlai?
the market is going all up right there, check it out at the coinmarketcap and you'll see they're stoned! hahaha...

WOW! A big WOW to your babies @indaymers. You really have that green thumb quality fitted to make more of those lovely blooms. I think what has been used here are the inferior ones compared to that. Perhaps they're still high grade, though I have no idea. Cheers to your good yield! More puffs to you!


Thanks a lot for visiting and for liking my grow... oncemarijuana is legalized in the Philippines, I think you could grow as much as quality plants as you like... the only problem is the lobby of the pharma industries is very strong...that might be one of the reasons why DU30 changed his mind..

oh my, it is harvest time. Your babies behave naturally grows so tall and mature. You haven't experienced what other growers having their babies turn yellow and dropping. Imagine, with your less soil...but they are healthy...huh! How did you care for them...you really have positive energy on plants.


Well, I guess you can call it pure luck.... haven´t much experience in growing many weeds at the same time and the start had been a gamble because I really didn´t realize how tall they were growing...Although, I have literatures on the strains, still an actual hands-on is a different experience. Thanks for commenting and for fropping by...

a lucky day to consider harvesting your green poison! :D


Yes indeed..we' ve had nice sunny weather..thanks a lot!