It´s Grow Time !!! - Got AK47 + Gorilla Zkittlez

7 months ago

Hey Stoners!

The thought of not growing this season came into my mind since I still have lots of nugs in my stash from the last season´s harvest. But because of the success of last time´s growing, the challenge of doing it again did not get out of my head. Then, I thought of changing my mind.


No matter how busy I had been these days, I went to see what´s the latest/updates in the grow shops . I drove to the Flowery Shop in the 22nd District this afternoon, but when I came there...their wahrehouse had already been closed-down. They probably moved to another place since the shop was hard to reach by a public transport. My alternative was to go the Perfect World Shop where I used to get my hemp chocolate.... and instead of just getting the chocolate, I also got the 2 clones.


Tha clones they offered for today were not that much... it is still cold outside, the thing is the clones might not survive. Despite the shop owner´s warning for me to wait a couple of weeks, I told him , there would be no problem as I could put them on the window sill to get full light. Besides, we are moving to a new place and by that time the girls would have a different outlook weatherwise.

Gorilla Zkittlez

Gorilla Zkittlez

And so I got the feminized Gorilla Zkittlez, the mother plant of which had been grown from the original Barney´s Farm seed.

Fusion of Gorilla Glue x Zkittlez with the strains description below: Source

Indica %: 60% / Sativa %: 40%
THC level around 24%.
Effect: Powerful, Relaxing, Thought Provoking
Outdoor Yield (g): 2000-2500
Indoor Yield (g): 500-700 gr/m²
Flowering Time (days): 56 - 63
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month: October
Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 1st-2nd week
Cannabinoid Content: Medium
Height (cm): 140-170cm
Height Outdoor (cm): 140-170cm

AK 47

AK 47

One of the best cannabis strains in the world known as the one hit wonder. Nicknamed by this phrase because once a newbie hit this for the first time, it could knock him down. There is hardly a stoner or grower who doesn´t know this strain.

Their exceptionally high and good yields make AK-47 a favorite of many cannabis growers. Nevertheless, the beautiful and exceptionally aromatic grass has its price. If you grow this variety, you have to take good care of the odor control and you need adequate air circulation. Due to its juicy and very resinous weeds, the AK-47 is also more susceptible to mold compared to other varieties. Source

More paraphernalias in this shop... enjoy the images!

I had the permission of the owner to take photos and these are the images inside the shop. They have re-arranged the place and the stash of CBD strains were now hidden.






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Keep puffin´ for a high!


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You are now addicted and I appreciated you for sharing the beautiful photos of the shop's display. Cant wait to see the success of your grow today. More jarvest to come my dear @indaymers.


Lolololol! Addicted in growing or addicted on the weed? I don't even puff should come up here and let's toke together. You'll never be able to experience it there in KSA... wahahaha!

Woo what a site! The looks of it makes me dizzy already @mers! That makes me realize that we haven't made progress reports of what they have planted since I haven't visited my friend's farm lately for security reasons. If we have one store displaying all those stuffs, am sure it would be jam-packed! :) Thanks for sharing @mers!


Indeed..told you they produce those blunt wraps and export them... what an irony.


Well, now I wonder how it was approved for export....hmmm

Those are both good strains, can't wait to see them develop:)

· too, hoping they will be healthy. We are moving to another place in 2 months time and I am not sure how they will grow within this time frame. Let us hoping for the best. Thanks!

Oh am just waiting for the good harvest I know you have such a good green thumb and that's what makes your grow healthy, way to go @indaymers