Instant Flowering Stage Of AK 47 + Gorilla Zkittlez

6 months ago


Hey guys!

The newbies that I got from the grow shops lately have been matured long before I got them. They were supposed to be young plants according to the list of strains he had at that moment... I chose the two popular strains but didn´t see the real plant my self. He went at the back of the shop and came up with two plants which he labelled AK 47 and GZ for Gorilla Zkittlez and pack both in a paper bag that was stapled.


When I got home I unpacked the plants and placed them on the window sill... I didn´t realize that the pistils were starting to grow already. The following day, I can´t believe my eyes, the pistils were really out and grew long already! The girls were supposed to grow bigger and I didn´t expect its status last Saturday.


So, I decided I would go the the shop to return the plants and exchange them for younger ones. But then it was too late, the city administration order a lockdown because of Covid 19! All shops are closed starting that day for an indefinite time... had no choice but to go home and planted the newbies in pots.


Repotting the girls......

And so I repotted the plants using a mixture of kokohum below which is made of compressed coconut dust and coconut fibers. I soak it in water and a few minutes the soil was ready for the newbies. The compressed kokohum has nutrients in it but after about a week, the plants should be given the corresponding feed.. I am trying a new nutrient called Plagrom below to enhance the is made in the Netherlands, we´ll see how it helps to grow nice buds. Although I am skeptisch of the condition of the newbies, they ´re simply too small at this stage ....and they are blooming already.




I will be observing the girls and if there are anomalies on their growth, I will never buy from that shop anymore. The shop Hanf and Hanf is still the best in town because you can choose the plants yourself. The three clones from last year came from the Hanf shop and they were successfully grown. I´ll cross my fingers on these two then.


Have a wonderful day and keep puffin´ for a high!


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Another girls for me to watch while growing. Just be careful during harvest time. Do not use ladder anymore and keep safe. @indaymers, is there any possibility that cannabis could fight corona virus? I hope so, so the government will legalized it. Thank you for sharing with us and please keep updated. I love reading your nlog about cannabis.

Hmm that makes me curious @indaymers, you mean the coconut dust coming from the sawdust of coconut lumber? That another good point in making organic fertilizer which can be found here locally. Thanks for tips dear. More puffs to you!

AK 47 is one my favorite strains 😊💚

Ak 47 is by far a top strain. Cherry AK, a one off phenotype, is still by far my most favorite strain!

Right now I do have a lot of organic fertilizers from fruit peelings to saw mills I can hand it to you if we were just so near, I know you will love those. Smoke on!


Would surely be glad to have them... thanks for the lovely gesture, if only we are near each other.... I am sure your plantation and hacienda are doing good now that you are there to take care of everything. If only weed is already legal, I am sure you´d go have a huge weed plantation and make huge income particularly for medical MJ.