I´m Back With My Grow Journal

last year

Hey guys!

It´s been a long time, I know.... and the reason for the hiatus is about health issues. I´m now back at homebase beginning March but had a small mishap that caused me a sudden landing of my right foot on the floor when I stumbled on a rolled carpet in the middle of my cellar. My fault that I didn´t turn on the light even though I knew the carpet has been there for months. I am not totally gone from this platform, in fact I am doing my curation by upsmoking a lot of posts when I´ve had the time.


Today I´d like to share with you what I ´ve been into the last weeks. During my stay in Andalucia, Southern Spain, I had been visiting Grow shops there and buying seeds and collecting seed freebies. I have a total of 27 seeds of various strains mostly auto feminine types that grow and flower in a short period of time between 60-70 days.


This isn´t the first time I am growing from seeds... the first time had been some 30 years back when we brought along seeds from Amsterdam. When medicinal cannabis became legal in Austria, I only got cloned ones from the grow shop.

Here are some of the spanish seeds I germinated on April 10.

1x OG Kush
1x California Kush
2x Green Poison
2x Choco Skunk
1 Northern Light


The OG Kush and 1 Choco Skunk didn´t make it, but the rest are ok as you can see in my images. It´s been 18 days now and the newbies are between 12-13 cm tall. I´ve been watering them with pure mineral water, the one water that we drink and they seem to like it.



I am not using any feeds at the moment and once the stems are thicker I will be giving them feed , perhaps I´ll start next week when I go get some clones from the grow shop. I used Terra Vega and Terra Flores from my last growing of clones. And I think I won´t have a problem with those feeds. I think I got a good fertilizer in powder form from the Grow Shop from the coast, I will surely use it soon as the newbies have grown taller and thicker.


I will elaborate more on these strains in my next post. Meantine, all newbies seem to be healthy and I hope they stay that way. I´ll cross my fingers!


In the meantime....keep puffin´ for a high!

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they look awesome !!! :-)


Thank you darl :-)))

Sorry to hear about your mishap. Good to see you are active again. Your images look great.


Many thanks... trying for a more vivid shots next time. Thanks for a lovely comment.

o yeah the mishap, hope you're better now much much stronger. i was busy preparing my stuff last week for a vacay, dont have much time to contact you but now im relieved to know you're fine and growing those awesome mj's keep on...


Hahaha..many thanks for the well wishes from the other side of the Atlantic.. Very good to hear from you and good to know you're fine! Yeah, the girls grow fast and they are only 19 days old.. Hope to hear good news about your lost files and recover them. Cheers!

I was wondering where you were, great to have you back!!!
Your babies look great. are you going to plant them outdoors?


Hola! Que tal?! Thank you. I'll be repotting them in containers. soon as they become bigger in about a week from now and move them outside the terrace as soon as it becomes milder temp wise. I have this compressed coconut fibers prepared with nutrients and soaked in water....looks good like saw dust.. according to the garden center it is very good for the plants. What do you think?


Hey!!! if you are going to do outdoors I would definitely recommend you to do it in soil instead of coco, am sure in your grow store they will recommend you a good brand that comes with enough nutrients on it so you don´t have to use fertilizers for the start. In any case am not a huge fan of Coco bricks, what brand are they?


It´s a brand called Neudorf made in Germany... I´ll post it showing how it looks like so you´ll have an idea..

Successful growth. I will follow your creativity.



Welcome back, lovely to see you bringing new life


Thank you for dropping-by.. Well, am trying and hope they' d grow well and have plenty of those trichomes..





They look good @indaymers Can't wait to see how they come out!



I love it @indaymers, how I wish to have it now that I am getting older. Keep on puffin. Share your seeds to me when you come back here, OK.


Indeed.. I can only send you seeds when you are in Bohol...☺☺☺Thank you Deev.

Good to see you back strong, you got some nice shots there 👍


Thank you dear.... lovely to see you here, I appreciate your visit. Have a nice week ahead!

take out the plants on the street it is necessary....and so they fall and die without ultraviolet light...Good luck.


I am not using a grow tent, besides all herbs I grew were in containers and they all grew very healthy.


I'm glad..

Hey i’m looking to start my own hemp home grow what is a good place to start at? And do you know a good source for hemp seeds?


Look around.. go online and see whether there are online shops that deliver to your country. Read post of other smoke users who are into growing.