How Would You Like To See My Cloned Amnesia Platinum Growing In A Small Container?... It´s Phenomenal!

9 months ago

amnesia platinum (2).jpg

Hey guys!

Today, I had been inspecting my girls to see how they were doing! This time, I will share with you Amnesia Platinum planted in a small container. I placed the the whole weed plant in front of the terrace door so you could see how tall it has become. It is now in the flowering stage as some pistils are already showing since 4 days now.

amnesia platinum.jpg

It´s even taller than the Green Poison (from seed) and is now higher than the terrace door. It is beyond my imagination that Amnesia Platinum would grow tall like this.. Ok, I was told in the grow shop that it might grow approximately (!) 2 meters high... but hey, the pot I used is small since my terrace has a limited space and thought of another theory that when the container is so spartan, then it could hamper the growth of the weed plant.... I was wrong in this aspect! But , I´m happy as well because despite the small pot, this bush is so healthy in appearance.

Amnesia Platinum under low stress training during the veg period.

I only defoliated it at the veg stage in the above picture. When I came back from holiday, I was astonished to see that the defoliated branches skyrocketed. I was only away for three weeks, the watering, feeding and the weather played very important roles in this process since July was very hot.


Characteristics - Amnesia Platinum

THC: 16-20% CBD: N/A CBN: N/A
GENETICS: Skunk x Cinderella 99 x Jack Herer
FLAVOUR: Amnesia Platinum has a really intense flavour and aroma, with hints of lemon, exotic wood, incense and spices.
EFFECTS: It provides a potent, cerebral and invigorating effect.
FLOWERING INDOOR : 9-10 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 750 g/m².
FLOWERING OUTDOOR :Finishes by the first week of October with a production up to 1000 g/plant. Medium size, branchy, bushy plant.
Info Source: Bulk Seed Bank



I noticed the unique growth of leaves on the tops. You`ll notice they are very healthy, green and the leaves are fan - like in shape, around them are pistils... the tops are densely populated by the new growth of the new leaves. I am not sure whether this is normal or an anomaly. Have you seen such tops growing in other weed plants, so far?


11 (2).jpg

The leaves have grown so huge too and they are as big as my palm. I wish their being so green would also mean that their buds are highly potent.



According to the description, this strain should flower in October, but they have already shifted to the flowering stage 4 days ago .. I am expecting the flowering process to end by 1st week of October. Lets wait and see.


It will be exciting to see how the buds of this strain develop in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, let´s keep puffin´ for a high!


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that's pretty amazing grow, I could only imagine the lemony scents and that exotic wood...exotic wood in the middle east smells strong they call it oud plus incense and spice, wow! who would not feel elated with such a smoky atmosphere?
I can't wait to see your soon bountiful harvest keep on keeping the earth green and inspiring us.


Hahaha... trying my best my friend... and hopefully hoping for a bountiful harvest. I couldn´t wait for that day when I see the nugs are huge and potent... Thanks for visiting and keeping in touch.


I am enjoying seeing your produce, mygad! I am amazed by its abundance.


Charge it to the fertilizer...lololol!

WOAHH!! they're so beautiful, While looking at those photos I am kinda wanted to eat some haha. Why oh why, well I 'm a green veges lover I love them to be included in my daily food.

If marijuana will be legalized in our place I might be replacing our sugarcane plantation into a yummy cannabis plantation lol.

Those photos above really look so yummy.


I stumbled upon a goat! nyahaha...
keep on chewing brader!


Thanks for dropping-by.... glad you like it. let´s hope it will yield big buds!

Your thumb is so cold, and that is a wonderful gift! I noticed from the beginning, all your plants grew healthy and you had a good harvest. And this Amnesia Platinum amazingly grow more than expected. How I wish tasting smoking this kind. The description and characteristic tself made my eyes opened wide! Imagine the lemon hints, the aroma, the incence and scent of wood!!! All in one! Smoker really wants it much and me too. I also found a word Cinderella! means adorable and most beautiful among others,, @indaymers I wish I will meet you soon. I want to ride your bike roaming and smoking! Wow! What a beautiful life my dear. Wanna see When The Smoke is Going Down!
Keep smoking and puff!


Lol, you should come to my place in summer so you can see them in actual when I plant the new seeds/clones next Spring.. that time I will use bigger pots.. thanks for stopping-by..

It's my first time to see that tall and exotic wood grow in container. If the flower blooms this will definitely add beauty ..thanks for sharing ..🥀


Yeah, I definitely am looking forward to that happening soon. Thanks.

wow!!! your babies are really growing beautifully.. i can imagine how beautiful your garden looks like with all your amazing plants. it's just so amazing how you made that grow that big and pretty in just a pot. me? i tried planting tomatoes , it's very easy actually but it didn't continue to grow because of the changing weather here.
I love those leaves you have in your hands. imagining i'll be the one to harvest and maybe add it in sinigang , LOL.
keep puffin and rockin in here po 👌💚💚💚


Thank you, it's not that hard..when I bought the clones , the guy from the grow shop told me I should not put them outdoor if thetemps are below 20°C. But, I thought that in Spain, they grow their cannabis in the mountains and the temps are around 10-15 °C in why should it suffer here ... at any rate, I was careful in the beginning and probably overprotecting them..

Wow! You really have green thumbs @indaymers! How I wish I could raise that kind of variety here. Well, there's already a proposal in the senate as to legalization of Marijuana in our place. Am looking forward to that. so I can grow those puff plants! Thanks for sharing.


I know you could grow there because your climate is very good with your fertile soil in the "bukid" ... you should try when the legalization is on the way.. although, I am having doubts if it will be legalized at all because of D30.


I doubt because DU30 wanted a death penalty for the growers, dunno if that's a joke or whatever.

WOW!! It loos great! healthy and strong! right on!


Thanks for visiting Francesca... be well and enjoy your day.

Wow looks so healthy ! So alive and strong, awesome 🤩


Thank you.

Looking awesome, cheers


Thank you .... enjoy your Sunday!