Harvesting Strains - From Feminized Seeds

7 months ago

macro 7.jpg
Macro of Northern Light bud with trichomes

harvest 1.jpg

Good morning Smokers!

This time, my jetlag really got me... I would normally be up at around 6:00 Am to walk Lily, the chihuahua and then go back to bed until 8 :00 AM. It´s been a week that I am home and am still adjusting to the european time.

Harvest Time

The strains Choco Skunk (2 pots) and Northern Light were harvested yesterday. I had to.....since I think it is already overdue. The pistils dried off long before I got back and the trichomes are very sticky now.

harvest 4 choco skunk.jpg

Remember the Choco Skunk (above pic) I was posting previously that looked like a Bonsai? Well, it didn´t come any further and its growth had been like it got frozen. And it´s counterpart the 2nd Choco Skunk that germinated 3 weeks later after the "bonzai" type also didn´t grow further... It surely has something to do with the pot used as well as such being a feminized seed, it somehow got stuck. At any rate, I will try using bigger pots and hope my growing will improve the next season.

macro 6.jpg
This is a snapshot of the Choco Skunk strain full of trichomes.. It has been like this since I left and there was no improvement on the growth..... so I cut the stem yesterday for drying.

The comparison of the two Choco Skunk...You can read the previous post here

harvest 6 choco skunk.jpg
The growth of this 2nd Choco Skunk that germinated late didn´t develop further, so it was also harvested yesterday.

harvest 5 northern light.jpg

Northern Light.... though this strain had been topped, defoliated and stem bent and fertilized, its growth was somehow hampered by something I do not know about.

macro 3.jpg

macro 4.jpg
The 2nd Choco Skunk with trichomes

One week before I cut the stems, I just watered them daily to flush away any residues of the nutrients...And before I hang them up, I have to snip the leaves a bit and later-on cure them....

harvest 2.jpg

That would be exciting to try the first puff of these self grown strains... let us see when they are ready. In the meantime,

....keep puffin´ for a high!


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What a good bountiful, beautiful harvest! How I wish to puff it, I know it's organic and safe. Your care for your girl abundantly gives a good return. You deserve this. Oh! if you are only in our country, it's a money jejejeje.
Good harvest my dear!


Hahaha... I have no intentions of selling anything.... My growing had been experimental just simply to know whether I can grow such plants... I have once grown decades ago where the seeds came from the first Amsterdam visit. It was a success but I really could not remember its progress at that time. The only thing I could remember was that I used a big pot and the weed plant grew to be at least a meter... Thank you for dropping by, nice to have you commenting! Salamat!


Welcome my dear! You always inspire me think positively all she time. Hoping to grow someday.

wow! it's harvest time . i wonder how it will feel like puffing those harvested one or maybe i can add that as ingredient to some of my cookings , or maybe mixed it on a blender with fruits? please update us on things you did with your first harvest po. you really did a great job on taking care of them and they're so lucky plants. Thanks for sharing this to us . Hope you'll feel better na. Keep rockin and puffin in here po 💚👌


Thank you for dropping by @zephalexia.. I once added the freshly cut leaves of the weed in my strawberry smoothie. The leaves are quite pungent in taste but not that bad. It is similar to parsley in smoothies which have healthy benefits. I will try mixing the leaves again soon and I will tell you how it goes...

I am still coughing but on my way to recovery... thanks once more!

please make a brownie twirl out of it and upload a youtube video with your recipes and the how how de carabao to do it, that will be exciting for us to see you how you stoned the brownie mix, lol!
whatta bountiful harvest.


Hmmmm ... I made brownies before and posted it here... and of course, a video would be different as presentation. If I would have the courage to make a video, why not... hehehe. Thanks for dropping my friend.

awesome, how long you going to cure them for? what strain are you planting next? :)


It´ll probabaly take around 5-7 days to dry them up...it is very humid here atm. Then I would have to put them in jars, they are lesser in quantity so it´ll be easier to handle I guess.

Maybe I will try out the Kannabia seeds ( see upper right of the image)...two seeds maybe.... just to be on the safe side if one doesn´t germinate. And also the Sweet Critical from Seeds Bank to the left of Kannabia seeds.



Thank you Francesca darl.

Well you got further with plants then I ever did. That's some nice sticky icky goodnes.