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3 months ago

AK 47

Hey Stoners!

This isn´t gonna be a huge harvest! Comparing these two strains harvested today AK 47 and GZ, I would say from the looks, the AK 47 has developed less resins than the GZ... But, it had a voluminous bud and has plenty of those rounder petal-like parts that when I held them and pressed between my fingers, they were empty and the touch felt like a velvet fabric that was very soft. At first instance, I thought they were seeds but I was wrong.

collage AK 471.jpg

When I have had the girls in the beginning and that was last mid March before the lock-down came, I noticed that the veg period was already over. The pistils were there and when I wanted to return them to the grow shop, they were already closed because of the pandemic. I had no choice but to grow both.



In that sense, I knew then that both plants will not grow that tall knowing I have to put them in containers. And also, I never had the chance to top and defoliate them and so I let that be and let them grow as is. They were actually overdue at past 100 days...since I had been too busy and hectic due to our moving in to the new flat, I must admit that I have neglected them including Lily Kush.


After cutting the stem, I turned it upside down to inspect the leaves and they were perfect.


I´d say that even if the girls looked like Bonsai plants, the buds looked great! Good thing was, they were mold resistent, no parasites whatsoever and that is great to know that at least what I grew and will be smoking have no chemicals.



The fan and the sugar leaves were cut, gathered and decarbed them in the microwave for some minutes and add them to my stash for my future edibles.


Gorilla Zkittlez

This is the more resinous plant, really full or trichomes, even the back of the sugar leaves were full of those sticky substance that was clinging onto my fingers because I was not wearing a glove when I processed them. At any rate, good to smell its mystifying aroma, very strong and fruity scent, spicy as well I would say.

Gorilla Zkittlez GZ Zoomed buds.jpg

Gorilla Zkittlez GZ 27.6.jpg

No wonder it is one of the most sought after strains. I am glad to have grown this even if the harvest is not much to boast about.



I am drying them now and hopefully about a week or so I could start curing them.



And so guys, this is my small harvest, no matter how small, it will add as new strains for my stash.

20191002_231445 - Kopie.jpg

ezgif.com-resize A.gif
GIF by @gremayo

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I think this kind is different from what you are sharing before. This is more salivating. I just woke up but my eyes opened wider when I saw this post. How I wish to have it right now and smoke with you. Thank you for sharing this awesome harvest.

This isn't a whisky but it gives me chills hahaha...
Smoke on!

Wow .... awesome grow.

Them are some killer looking flowers.

That's great! Another successful harvest . Congrats dear! More puffs to you!

Nice looking no doubt!

Lovely format and killer buds!

Big or small it is all good. Sometimes the smaller plants pack a bigger punch.