Grow Journal Update 6th week - AK 47 + Gorilla Zkittlez dd. 21.04.2020

5 months ago

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Hey Guys!

How are you doing? I how you are all safe from this pandemic. Just to let you know I am still around alive and kicking .... my last post had been about a month ago that was the day before the lock-down. Despite that I haven´t posted anything, I was still interacting in the platform reading your posts, commenting, and curating too. Have been busy doing the packing of things in my household as we are about to move to a new flat sometime in May. But we have to wait for the key turnover because of the virus.

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AK 47

This post here is an update of the girls I got before the quarantine took place.... as I mentioned in the last post, I wanted to return the strains aK 47 + Gorilla Zkittlez to the grow shop where I got them, because they have already started to flower at the time when they were just a newbie in a tiny size. Then the shutdown started the following week, so couldn´t do anything but to grow them instead.

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I was not really satisfied with the plants because I didn´t have the chance to choose when I bought them... At any rate, I was confronted to grow them and here they are.

Gorilla Zkittlez

The girls are already on the 6th week and the pistils and trichomes have really developed so much that when you just hold the tip of the fan leaf, it is so sticky.


The aroma is strong even at a distance, it is all over the room.. I placed them on the window sill facing the sun and I leave the window with a slit during the day for air circulation, but close in the night because of the cooler temps.





The trichomes of the Gorilla Zkittlez are like exploding from its richness, I always imagine them as the antennas of the snails, lol! These resins are the ones the give the strain that unique aromas , flavor and effects.. the more resin there are, the more valuable cannabinoids and terpenes the strain contains, that´s why this strain is a favorite among growers and very popular among stoners.



The girls might be small like the bonsai plants in size, but I think these strains are producing nice and strong buds . Let´s see how the harvest will be, am anxious since I haven´t tasted both strains.

Stay safe everyone.....Keep puffin´ for a high!


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you are growing your ladies so well despite of this virusy moment, me, I am locked but not down on top of the mountain where I decided to stay from this horror, glad to know that you're in good health and praying for that too...
thanks for the update smoke on!


Thank you for the kind words...Yeah, it´s been 4 weeks since my last post... but the packing of things keeps me busy in and around the house... Glad to know you decide to stay in your hacienda where fresh air is good for your health. There can never be a good place to stay healthy than on the mountains. Keep safe!

Fruit of being LOCKDOWN!
Time flies quickly and now they have flowers... Amazing! *They look so healthy.


I hope they will stay that way til harvest and that no parasites would attack both. I am always on the lookout for possible radicals anderadicate them on time. Thanks!

It's great post

Beautiful flowers and many trichomes.


Thank you.