Grow Journal...Reunion With My Weed Girls After 3 Weeks

7 months ago

Hey Smokers!

The waiting is over and after more than three weeks of being away, I saw my girls!!! They were the ones I saw right after hubbz and Lily, the chinuahua greeted me by the door. So I went straight ahead to the top terrace even if it was already a bit dark.... armed with flash light, I was so surprised that the cloned ones and the two Green Poison strains grew so tall with astonishment!!!


In a matter of just 3 weeks they became as tall as I am. When I left them, their sizes were hardly above my waist. Now, they are almost as high as my head. I took a couple of before and after images and the growth of each is really awesome, just have a look at the comparison!



My watering instruction to hubbz was, he should water and feed every other day without exemptions... which means whether it rained a bit he should water. And since the weeds are potted and placed on the hot terrace, there maybe times that they needed to be watered 2 times a day so that the soil is kept moist all the time.

Three clones and 2 Green Poison ( from seeds)... still growing strong but still no signs of shifting to the flowering stage.

The 3 clones Amnesia, Bubble Gum and OGK are already 102 days old... whereas, the 2 Green Poisons ( cultivated from seeds) are on their 111th day! I have been observing if I would see signs of pistils , but to no avail. I guess, it has something to do with the characteristics of each strains.

Taken July 27, 2019

While still on my vacation.... hubbz called me up and said that the leaves of OGK have had white spots. That week when he called me up, it was raining strong in our area, so the spots must have been caused by the wetness. The following day after my arrival, I defoliated the cloned OGK. remove all the leaves hat have white spots. It´s been almost a week that I am home and so far it is doing great with no trace of white spots.


Coming up next....I will showcase the strains (from seeds) that are to be harvested, so check it out.

Stay cool....keep puffin´ for a high!


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What a wonderful day to hear that your girls are taller than you? I remember the time, you left 3 weeks ago that we were worrying for them. Just a very good understanding that your husband loves you so much. Wahahaha! See, he take good care your girls and he did what you told him. Hmmp! I know, you have to give him a prize and hugs.
I love your girls, they look so awesome @indaymers.


Hello @lawlai.. nice of you to drop-by. Yeah, I was skeptic before I left knowing that hubbz has two left hands. But, he followed what I was suggesting and so I can only be proud of him...Lolololol! At any rate, today when I inspected the clones, one of the girls is already showing a tiny white hairy like thing, could be the pistils already... tho it´s too early to say. I am hoping that they would bloom as summer almost starts to fade here and our time to leave this Fall is nearing. I still hope I could harvest on time and cure the weeds. It´s gloomy everyday, so too wet for girls probably wouldn´t do them good! Let´s hope fpr the best... Thanks for visiting!


That is the best part being a husband and wife. I love you both with your girls

Please, do not get lost in that jungle!
Great work, soon...the fruits of your hard work will pay off.


Thank you, I guess it paid off to give hubbz more instructions... I was checking on him almost everyday and said that he´s got green thumbs already from my instructions... Lololol!

oh my, I can picture out how lily reacted with your arrival with all the excitement.
and your girls were doing good imagine their growth maybe they're talking to each other to surprise you, lol as if somebody has got stoned!


Hahaha.... Lily was not surprised..we chatted over the phone before I departed from she knew I was coming home..
Oh yeah, who knows plants talk I can imagine what you said. LOLOLOL... It was a beautiful surprise really..Thanks!

Really nice. I like it


Thank you ... appreciate that !

Great looking grow & it survived your trip, awesome! :)


I was really very skeptic a first.... and glad that hubby really didn´t miss any of what I said. The only thing that was bad was the California Kush totally died off, I can´t believe this had happened becuse before I left for vacay it was very healthy... I suspected that it has something to do with a fly that lays eggs and hit the roots thereby totally killing the plant drastically. Many thanks @indica for the great support!!! Have a nice day!