Grow Journal - Ak47 + Gorilla Zkittlez - 9th Week

4 months ago

Gorilla Zkittlez (9th Week)

may 12 a.jpg
actual image of GZ taken yesterday

Hey guys!

This is the grow status of my girls at the moment. They are almost closed to harvesting by I will still give them a couple of weeks since the pistils are still not completely brown yet or orange in color. But, they are slowly beginning the process.


I took the photos on different days and with different smartphones so you might see the different hues of the leaves. The plants have more trichomes than the last time I took them outside for the sun on the terrace. I think they have enjoyed the sun rays a lot... Although, they also got sunshine when they were on the window sill, I think it made them look better.


The Feed ...

I am using this feed at the moment which brings good results for the buds. Since it is not that hot yet, I dilute 5 ml Terra Bloom with 1 liter water and give this to the plant 3 x a week with normal watering in between or when the soil gets a bit drier especially if I let the pots stand outside for days when it is sunny.

gz 2.jpg

may 1.jpg

The Gummies Plan...

If you remember in the beginning, I wanted to return this to the grow shop because the plants started to have pistils already... but the the covid lockdown began when I was about to return it to the shop.. And then, I decided I will grow both girls and planned to have them decarbed for my edibles. I want to make gummies so I would need to make cannabutter which I would like to try myself.

cover 5.jpg
image taken two weeks ago outside on the terrace

AK 47 ( 9 weeks)

ak 1.jpg

The AK 47 buds are so densed it´s like the whole stem is full of trichomes. The pistils were all over as you can see in the image below.


Both girls have a very pungent aroma, as I have them on the window sill, I could smell from below their scent when the door upstairs is open. As I have expected, all the feminized strains I have grown so far did not grow to be very tall as what in the descriptions of the strain were supposed to be. I guess that has something to do that they are potted and not planted on the ground and I love to call these feminized auto type... the "dwarf strains"

cover 2.jpg

cover 1.jpg

The Newbie - Day 22

It is now at the beginning of the fourth week and it´s growing good and it looks healthy... I hope that I can still cope with its growth because of our moving to the new home in 3 weeks-time.. I have noticed a couple of gnats which I removed by hand and hopefully this plant will survive.

may 1d.jpg

may 10.jpg

More on the girls next time...

20191002_231445 - Kopie.jpg

GIF by gremayo

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I want something like this in my backyard already smelling it hahaha... different angles taken and all looks pretty good to harvest, can't wait to see you puffing. Smoke on!


Well, you have a very big farm, I am sure you can find the most remote nook and try to hide 1 strain... hahaha. they will never find out if it´s covered in a jungle-like manner.

Beautiful plants! I can't wait to see the end of the harvest!!


Thanks... waiting for the harvest and for sure, I will write about it..

How to be you ? Again and again, you are making me jealous for living in a free country. Whereas me , I cant plan it. Someday I wanna do it in my place.
Thank you for sharing.



One day it will be legal for you too! Have hope! The world is always changing!!


LOL, thanks never cease to amaze me despite your busy days of the Ramadan... you need to take precautios overthere in KSA as you are far away from your family.

Amazing pictures and one of my favorite strains (ak47), and it looks so healthy 😊 Glad to see you posting again, i tought you left the platform...and it would be a shame because your posts are always high quality 💚


Have been busy preparing for our move to a new home, it´s exhausting to do the packing of household items..Today, I found time to write and took pics yesterday so I took the chance. Thanks for your lovely comments and for dropping-by.

Oh wow! Am rather late in seeing this post! Again, congrats to your achievements. Your girls are so healthy looking.. Most of the greens nowadays are inferior due to the hot weather. nada.

Beautiful one day I am gonna get across the pond and when I do I want to meet up and try some of your stuff It always looks fire.


Yehey...yeah sure, let's enjoy the stuff..


And if you are ever in the States LMK we can do a meet up on this side of the pond too if you ever make it this way.


Yeah, I would love that... Thanks!

I need those on my cabinet