Green Poison - Absolutely Amazing At 130 Days...From Seed To A Huge Bush

3 months ago

Hola Smokers!

Can you believe that I have grown this weed from a seed?

Just take a look at it now! It is truly amazing how the growth of the Green Poison turned out at this very moment despite the limited small container I used.

cover 2.jpg

You might have remembered, I germinated 2 seeds and both came out healthy. You can read about the germination here.

Green Poison.jpg

So today, I am going to share with you images of their looks now after 130 days. I have mentioned that I was on holiday for three weeks and asked hubbz to do the watering as well as the feeding. So, he did a good job because look down below to see how big it is now!

cover 1.jpg

At 130th day, Green Poison number 2 is now as tall as my terrace door and it´s full of pistils from top to bottom. I have defoliated it before, the reason why the branches are thinner since I removed the fan leaves for the light. Hopefully, it´s gonna be a big harvest with lots of nugs!

cover 11.JPG

Notice the cross-like thingy on top of the leaf? I only saw this when I transferred the images to my laptop. Hopefully, this brings good luck and wish that my harvest would be a good one.

cover 2a.jpg

Here, you can see in the next images how bountiful the pistils are and trichomes are also building up on the leaves.

cover 3.jpg

cover 5.jpg

cover 6.jpg

cover 8.JPG

cover 9.JPG

Green Poison Nr. 1 is also doing very well as you can see in the next images. Just like Green Poison Nr. 2, it has plenty of pistils too and they all look lovely and healthy. Am crossing my fingers that both will stay like this! Wish me luck guys!

cover 10.JPG

cover 13.JPG

cover 14.JPG

cover 15.jpg

I am excited about the next season to come because I can`t wait to germinated the rest of the Green Poison I am still keeping. We will be spending the coming winter season in Spain and since 4 months is too short a time to grow weeds there, the sowing will have to wait til I come back to home base which is around March 2020.

cover 4.jpg

I´ll keep you posted about the further growth of this strain. Many thanks for reading!

Keep puffin´ for a high!


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So speechless! I am so amazed how you extend care for your green poison and how they looked so beautifully grown taller everyday. What ever you planted, the result is a very good plants from flowers, vegetables and now your cannabis. As if you have a hidden magic in your hand, I see the cross-like sign too, This sigh will keepyou away from any danger with your plants. What I realized, how I want to taste it and puff it with you jejejeje. It remained a dream! Maybe, it happened, maybe not but sometimes dream become true.. wahahahaha
Congratulations for a good harvest @indaymers


Salamat my dear @lawlai.. well, i think if your passion is gardening ..all plants grow beautifully no matter what you plant.. cannabis are resilient plants so the only thing to care about is parasites..

good morning from here. it's really nice to see your green poison has grown beautifully , by the looks of it , they are obviously well cared , kudos to your hubby as well , great job for both of you po. actually i thought it will just grow by planting its branch or something , but after reading this , i knew something new again , hehe, and i thank you for that. i can also picture okra plant with some of the photos , haha that's why it makes me feel like i wanna harvest those and mixed it with my cookings 😊.

That little cross image i just amazing!!! that only means you are blessed and will always be coz you're sharing it to others... 🙏

keep puffin' and rockin' here po 👌💚💚💚


Good morning too dear @zephalexia... how nice of you to drop-by early morning. Hope your having nice time with your kiddos and family. Hey yeah, that cross is really amazing, perhaps a sign of miracle that my harvest will be huge! Hahaha...

Yes of course, a young branch can be planted but you have to choose the young ones most especially the ones on top.. the process in cannabis growing is called cloning, you have to dip it to a certain enhancer like clonex so roots would develop fast. Btw, you can harvest the leaves since it has nutrients too, others make smoothie from those. Salamat!!!


i just woke up the time i commented here po. hehe. good evening from here now. ganun pala yun cloning din . sana nga one day , i can experience yang cannabis mamix sa smoothies or sa lutuin hehe. 😉💚💚💚


Yes, puede rin if you can get hold of the leaves para sa smoothies... illegal kasi pa dyan sa atin so it´s difficult stm.

whoa! @indaymers, if it's you who do the planting yes I always do believe because I was observing and following your garden activity since we met in fb and hats off to you for that, keep on smokin'!


Oh! I forgot to reply to this comment, I read it tho.... my attention was caught by something else, then I forgot about my reply. At any rate, I really love gardening since I was a kid. I remember planting just the talbos (the young thrive or the top of the plant in a soil) then watered it daily and it really got roots and grew.... cheers to my green thumbs, may there be good harvest of my weeds! Lolololol!



Thank you Francesca....nice of you to drop a visit.

That dose look like a cross. You have a holy plant there :D


Indeed, I think and I believe in what you say...yes holy plant would be wonderful! Thanks.

Seems that the plants are blessed that's why it has cross on the tip of its leaves lol.

Well one of my friends said that growing weeds are like nurturing a little child that needs extra care and love.


I agree with you...if you are into something , give extra loving care and you'll get the great satisfaction for a successful harvest.

Wow as in Wow! your gifted hands is so blessed, your positive energy with greens really jibes @indaymers


I just hope so..the end justifies the means. I am hoping to reap a bigger reward later on..keep your fingers cross.. thanks!

Looking beautiful bet it will taste beautiful too


I just hope it will taste good. I 'm anxious when the harvest time comes and the nugs cured...thanks a lot for your comment.


I am sure it will be tasty af. They are looking beautiful and when they are that beautiful they are 99% of the time tasty too.


Thank you so much and I hope they become so tasty!

Looking awesome great job


Wow! How lovely they've grown. I didn't know those greens have flowers. Now I know. Thank you for this info.


Trying my best.... many thanks!

Looking amazing, great job, hell yeah eh cheers


Hell yeah...awesome noh! Thanks a lot, cheers!!!

She is so healthy! cant wait to see what she carries don't know if its just me but normally when I get to harvest i'm not sure if i'm happy to be able to smoke some good stuff or sad to see the plant go


Well, it has to be happy because you are reaping the good work by harvesting... it's a you can always plant again and start anew. Thanks for visiting!

Your girl has been blessed with grace 😅 I have seen those little crosses before on a purple skunk plant I had and she filled right out though staying stocky 🤔


Hi @dook13... Lol, well maybe it´s just pure luck that they´ve grown nicely and with grace. I hope the cross will give magic to the buds tho and that they´d be densed and very potent...Thanks and have a good start of the week.


Likewise ill keep my fingers crossed for you 🤞



A very interesting observation of their development. I am very pleased with your success.


Glad you like my girls @maxstrell and thanks for dropping-by. Let´s hope for the continued success of these weeds til harvest... crossing my fingers! Thanks a lot for being here!