Finally..... Pistils Are Here And The BUDS Are Coming!!!

7 months ago

Happy Sunday Smokers!

Have been so euphoric when I saw the first pistils of the clones!!! Yeah, they now shifted to the flowering stage and buds are already forming in each of the tops... seems they are all happy to start their new days....

The first pistils showed-up yesterday....

flower 11.jpg

Buds are now starting to form....

I am überhappy as well because of the time left (good enough to cure the buds at any rate) before we leave for our yearly exodus to Spain. We escape the cold Central Europe finding refuge in the mountains of Andalucia.

flower 2.jpg

This season, I have experimented in germinating my own seeds that I got from Spain. Some of the germinated seeds were automatic flowering which means they are feminized seeds that grew so fast and which for a short time already have had flowers. The span of time is about 3 months and I harvested in this short period of time.

Although the harvest was quite small, I believe that feminized seeds can also have huge buds if planted in soil. But, I only have small top terrace and backyard with pine trees hedge. My feminized girls were potted, I have learned that the pots play an important role in growing automatics. I will surely adjust the pots in my next planting round.

flower 6.jpg

The 3 Clones and the two Green Poison Strain (from seeds)

flower 1b.jpg

Included in this lot are 3 clones Amnesia, Bubble Gum and OGK plus the two seeds of the Green Poison (below image) I got as freebie while visiting a grow shop in Granada

flower 9.jpg
Above: status of the Green Poison germinated from seeds after trimming the fan leaves

The stalks of these two Green Poison maybe thin atm, but I am quite sure that the buds will improve in the course of flowering since more energy will flow into the buds rather than to the fan leaves. Am not sure of this method but instinctively, this is proven with my container tomatoes and it always helps a lot to have more yields.

flower 4.jpg

flower 5.jpg

The excitement is growing big as the days go by..... so am crossing my fingers that my girls will have perfect buds.... !!!

In the meantime, thanks for reading and.....

keep puffin´ for a high!!!


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I think it will be a good harvest.
At the initial stage, it is better not to remove the leaves, it is better to thin the bush at intermediate stages, for example, when buds form in all internodes, remove some leaves, then when the first trichomes appear, remove some more foliage, but most of them should be preserved, as the plant accumulates nutrition for flowering. at the stage of vegetative growth.


Well, that is good point to ponder upon as this is experimental growing.... you maybe so right, I´ll keep your tips in my next growing season. In the meantime, I will have to wait when the buds are formed. Thanks for the tip and for visiting.

My God, they look so healthy and I imagine how great will be the taste in every puff! But what is in my mind is she value if we are in our country. You deserve to have it @indaymers. It will really help to ease the pain of your body. Perhaps, your age will become 100 when you always use this for medical purposes. Take your time in taking care.
Have a nice day with good harvest in a few weeks coming.


Bahahahaha.... 100 is maybe exaggerated, I haven´t heard that someone became a 100 by smoking joints, but who knows.. At any rate, my grandma was more than 100 but she didn´t consume pots, lolololol! Perhaps I´ll be the first one in the family... worth trying tho. Thanks for dropping by . Btw, you´re too smart to comment on my posts, you have some kind of radar when ever I post a blog eh? Hehehe.


I strongly believe, if it will be legalized, we can control ourself how much the exact amount needed to our body. No need pills. What can you say?


Perhaps! And it would be easy for those needy to grow the weeds themselves and would not spend a great deal of money for medicinal purposes..

Great progress ! i also time my outdoor autos to finish by around start september ,as i live in colder north. europe .( Summer is suitable though,to grow good plants ....recent hot sun helped ) btw i'm interested in your andalucia mountain exodus ,like what area and how long your there etc ?if you choose to share that info ofcourse : )


Thank you...I will be in Southern Spain for the wintertime say about 4-5 months... It´s a bit warmer there by around 10 degrees than in Central Europe. But it can be too harsh tho because the wind can be very strong like ongoing and nonstop for three days. We are near Nerja the eastern part of Malaga. I have read if I am not mistaken, you are in Valencia?

yay! another new knowledge for me, now i have an idea what pistil is. your plants are really growing beautiful.. that's a lot of money here already LOL , but i hope people who need that the most can have here for medical reasons especially.

With your post not only i am excited to see the growies but also how wel your photographs are ang how you presented it to us. you really are doing a great job po.

keep puffin and rockin here 💚👌


Hehehe.. thanks for the lovely comments... If this could only be legal in the Philippines, then I am sure a lot of farmers will become rich. I for one would probably commerialize it there for medicinal purposes.... but... but... this is the wildest dream of farmers, so let´s keep on hoping... Thanks dear for visiting!

wow, that's really a piece of good news, happy for you and your pistils soon they'll be greeting the sunshine and turns to be a real beauty.
you inspire us to at least grow some greens. keep on rockin @indaymers


Thank you so much.... Yeah, this is really good news as summer is wrapping-up. I was nervous that the girls will continue to go up high without having the pistils... But a blessing it is that I think I can still harvest before we go in Fall. Have a nice and blessed Sunday and enjoy and have fun!