FAT COLAS Of My Girls - Random Photos

9 months ago

cola 1a.jpg

Good Evening Stoners!

In this post, I am showing you random pics I shot today featuring the 2 Green Poisons planted in small pots. I am über happy since one of these two plants has grown so tall and is more than 2 meters high now bearing really huge buds, and mind you the tops have become heavy that I have to support it with a bamboo stick after the shooting so that the main stem won´t break.

In the above image, I stayed behind Green Poison Nr.1 so that you can see how high it has grown as of today. My height is 166 cm and the plant is already more than 2 meters tall.

cola 1.jpg

Green Poison Nr. 2 is only my height but still, it is also bearing many huge colas just like Nr. 1, the buds are full of trichomes now which are so sticky. The fragrance is strong that I am thinking my neighbor might smell the aroma since our top terrace is only separated by a high wall. Oh well, who cares?

cola 2.jpg

cola 6.jpg

cola 3.jpg

3 (2).jpg
Above, is one of the branches that is also full of buds surrounded by the pistils.


cola 4.jpg

By the time the pistils become red or brown in color and the flowers full , I will be harvesting probably by the end of this month... I hope you have enjoyed looking at the images. Thanks for visiting!

In the meantime.... keep puffin´ for a high!!!

cover smoke.io.jpg

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My jealousy is over my head @indaymers! 'was following you from the start, How it is perfectly grown! You will be enjoying a good harvest. I love the second picture, because of what you said that it smell so good. jujuju!
What can I say again? How to be you? I just wake up from my sleep. I think, I'm just dreaming puffing with you. Looking your girl made me like a boy wanting be with wahahaha and my eyes opened wide!


And she tokes, she tokes
Oh, baby...
When she puffs, she puffs
he goes crazy!

that is when RICKY gets high, lol!


Oh yeah toking is her hobby ... and therefore obvious they wanna become high and get crazy ..trala la la. ..


Yeah, come and visit me @lawlai and have your unforgettable experience with a joint... you'll sure have a go for it!

How old are they, Tita Mers? They look so beautiful and healthy. I have no idea in growing those because it's illegal to have one in our country but with those green leaves they look well taken care of. Is it hard growing one?


They are now 141 days old and will be harvested soon as the pistils get brown... in thr beginning , you have to nurture them..it's the phase you have to be careful because yhey are sensitive ...when thevstems get bigger, they are ok na... thanks for dropping-by..

You are...OVERLOADED with such abundance,
your girls are beautifully grown.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the images

I'm not just enjoying... but envious and salivating, lol!
smoke on!


I have to agree with everyone else. Amazing fucking buds you got growing there, and what still left to come.


Thanks bro, I didn' t imagine this myself that I could grow such stuff..but am learning everyday from all of you. And am glad I joined this community...


Hahaha... I knew you will say that!


Wahahaha... you are far far away... we could have a sesh here so you really have a go for it... yeah smoke on!

It's very beautiful and so healthy looking. How I wish to grace my garden with that awesome plant. It's as if they take one step at a time to reach the topmost.

waaah so healthy tall!-a first glance I looks like Roselle plant