Hey Guys!

I have not been posting for weeks, I know... I know. Have really been too busy due to moving to a new home. And while the flat is still chaotic, I am taking time to unpack. I don´t really care if it takes time to finish but you see, I have the time since I am retired since couple of years.

Today, I have to give you an update on the Lily Kush, which I have given up a month ago because it is a male plant. I am disappointed because I´ve had high hopes on this strain. As you remember, I took care of its stray seed that I found growing in a pot where the green poison had been growing the year before...


Took good care of it...

I have given time to let it grow, made topping, LST and gave feed... since we were moving out, I left the plant for a bout a week with a watering system...But when I came back to check on it, I already saw that the balls were starting to grow... I left it as it was and after three days, I finally cut -it -off.


.... but it became a nightmare!

This is a nightmare for every grower not knowing what strain it came from and what the final gender would be... This was supposed to be a tribute to my chihuahua princess that died in May and at almost the same time I saw this growing in a pot.. It would have been a nice tribute to my doggie!


The growing season has ended....

I also have decided, I will only grow again next Spring since the growing season here is over for now and besides it is starting to get cold in the night.


Clone only please....

If and so, I will be getting only clones to plant to be on the safe side... I am trusting the grow shops in Vienna, they have all the expertise ( in their labs) in their trade particularly Hanf and Hanf.


Even if I am disappointed, I will still continue growing my own, because that´s the only way I can assure that what I am toking is safe for my health.

20191002_231445 - Kopie.jpg

Take good care and be safe always!


GIF courtesy of @gremayo

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Initially, I thought it was a male))


You must have a keen eye....

Those plants are really complicated


Indeed, they are, you´ll never know what you´ll get....

Bummer but I would have collected some pollen from it if there wasn't any females around to seed as a little pollen brushed on just a branch or two can breed new strains. The Gorilla Passion that @relaylogix is growing is one that I bred, happy accidents is what Bob Ross called mistakes in art and growing cannabis is an art.


I agree with you that growing cannabis is an art. Better luck next time for me, The Gorilla Passion you gave to @relaylogix is amazing! Thanks for visiting!

What! Im surprised with what you are talking about gender? I never thought that there is a gender about this plant. I only knew about papaya that when it is a male, it will not be giving fruit. Thank you for sharing and I hope for the best next time. Do not discourage and this is still a memorable day for you to keep on for your baby Lily. I also miss lily.
Have a nice day ahead.


Hahaha... every plant has a gender and mine is no exception ....

Unlucky! :(

Here's hoping your future grows are more successful! 🤞🙏


I hope so too! Thank you for the support , it´s well appreciated!

whatever the gender better luck next season don't get disappointed and lily will always be happy for you for growing these stuff in her honor, smoke on!


Yeah, for sure Lily should have been looking down at me when I grew her strain. A pity that it is a male plant. Thankies!