Dang, A Sudden Hail Storm Came Yesterday....And Forgot My Weeds Were Outside The Terrace!!!

6 months ago


The Hail Storm

The sky was very dark yesterday in the late afternoon and stark gusty winds came so suddenly that we lost the TV Satellite connections. We did not expect this was happening and seconds later came rain and hail storm. It was like as if there was tropical storm in our area and everything was flying around like devastation all over. We did not expect this to happen since the temps were between 26°C and 28°C.

I remember running upstairs and thought of putting the potted weeds inside the house, but I did not have the chance because of the strong wind, rain and hail... I was kinda shock thinking as to what the weed girls would become after the force majeure. Thank God, they have survived. They were resilient enough and stood the test of time,





Today´s inspection showed that the pistils and the plants really stood the test of the hail storm, the gusty winds and the rain.. They are back in its form and the weeds didn´t suffer damages and I was delighted by what I saw that the growing process was not futile!


Thanks for reading and in the meantime..... keep puffin´ for a high!

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Looks like a bit of a storm you have going on there. When there was nothing more to be done, did you have a smoke and listen to the sound of the drumming on the roof ?


That was hell of a shit when I heard it started drumming on the roof, thank God the carport was covered.... But when I heard the sound of the hail...it suddenly occured to me that I have to save the girls. But first I had to get to them and there was like a hundred steps of our staircase to thread up high and my heart was pumping as if I am going to faint. hahahaha... but then I stopped by the terrace door and couldn´t go out because of the strong wind and the hail.... OMG, I thought those were my girls, nothing can be done! it was a race!


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That is awesome!!!!! --- NO. No, no, it is not.

your girls are just so tough I just can't imagine your frustration having them gone from that hail storm but yeah safety first before anything else because that was too late to rescue and my gosh!, you can't dance under the falling ice cubes...lol!


Hahaha...indeed, that happening left me speechless and I could see the girls dying-off ..But thank God the hail storm lasted, I think 5 minutes, it seemed forever as I have witnessed sort of the devastation.

oh no!! that hail storm looks scary , got falling ice cubes , sooo terrible. i just hope you are all safe there po. just stay warm and dry inside the house. good to know hail storm'sgone away. Your baby girls seems to be very strong , maybe they loved the wet feeling somehow. so nice to see all your plants survived and still all looking good. ingat po kayo diyan.

Ohh,! I thought they are dying seeing the picture without reading your blog. I just wake up from ad sleep. My heart beats so fast thinking your girls. Thank you for they survived just like me, NO storm could break me, jajajajaja, I am still standing though a lot of hail storm with sandstorm passes my way.

Very good 👍🤝🤔

Great looking garden @Indaymers:)


Proper, eh? Impressive!

Lol I'd be out there with an umbrella and a hair dryer 😂 Jk 😋




hahaha, I grow up in a country that doesn't have hailstorm, when I got to the middle east I've experienced that kind of storm I really tried to catch it, and omg! that was crazy I've got a lump in my forehead.


Haha if it's big enough it's actually dangerous! Lol


that was half of the size of an actual ice cube but the pouring was so heavy and that was it haha...
anyway, thank you for the support always.