My Cloned Bubble Gum Got Sunburn

8 months ago

cover 13 burns.jpg

Hey Tokers and Growers!!!

Today has been one of the hottest summer temperatures we´ve had at 35°C and my cloned Bubble Gum is suffering from this heat wave. If you remember.... last week, I moved all my 9 girls to a bit shady area of the top terrace to avoid too much heat. We will be experiencing 40°C this coming Monday, so I hope my girls won´t suffer!!!

cover 14 burns.jpg

I inspect all strains daily each morning and as of yesterday there was no sign of burns. As you can see, all other strains in the first image above are not affected by the heat at all. The area is a bit filtered by the trellis I put in place behind the pots so that not much sunrays are directly shining on to the weed plants in the afternoon.. because it´s that part of the day the sunrays are most intense.

cover 15 burns.jpg

What I did was to trim the burned leaves and moved the Bubble Gum to a shady area so it does not get direct sunlight. I am not really sure whether that has something to do with the kind of strain characteristics the Bubble Gum has. At any rate, I will observe further and see whether it will still continue to have the burns.
What about you guys growing outdoor.... are your weed plants suffering from the heat, too?!!!


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Oh, my dear what will be happened to your girls? You are leaving them for three weeks, I hope they will survived the heat. Just let somone to water them in the morning and afternoon or it's better you just stay at home and never leave them.
Have a nice day my dear. Are you excited going back to the Philippines?

Ouch, unlucky. Its been one heck of a heatwave in Europe this week, hopefully it cools down just a little bit. Hope they pull through 👍


I hope so they pull through... although I will be travelling... I just wish all of the 3 clones ( Amnesia, Bubblr Gum and OG Kush) will shift to the flowering stage soon... It´ll be a surprise! Many thanks for the support @indica, wishing you a pleasant weekend and enjoy your new phone.


Me too, thanks :)


It's a scary news! Here in Saudi we are bracing 40°c plus with the very hot sandstorm. Aircon lost the power to give coldness. Anyway,have a nice day and thank you for all the blessings here.


Yeah South France had 45+ too, crazy intense heat. This is climate change manifest 😬


Yes, I'm living 22 years in Saudi Arabia and now I experience this kind of heat waves.. Climate change is really happening.