A Pleasant Surprise Grow + Update Of AK47 + Gorilla Zkittlez ( Going On the 7th Week)

5 months ago


Hey Stoners!

We are blessed with sunshine the last seven days and so the temps are getting better and better everyday. We have had 22°C ad so I decided to bring my 2 girls outside on the terrace to fully get some sun. And what a pleasant surprise that I saw a newbie growing in one of the pots I used last season.


The seed germinated by itself although the pot´s soil was dry. It is the pot where I grew one of the two Green Poisons last year. Although the last winter has been very long, the seed survived due to some rainy days we´ve had.

It looks very healthy and the leaves are so green. I would guess it´s about a week old since it was not there before when I watered the strawberry pots beside it. So I carefully placed it in the middle of the pot where it germinated. I am not sure whether it really came from the Green Poison. The seed could have fallen from some other strains I was growing... At any rate, this remains to be seen.


Bringing the girls outside....

It is their first time to be outside and since the temps in the night have become milder, I guess these feminized girls will remain ok and will survive the cooler nights. I remember, last year´s grow have started in April and at this very same time , I already brought them outside.

cover 1.jpg
AK 47

The trichomes are now building much on both strains and they smell so pungent that one can smell them upon opening the terrace door.. I guess both are going to be stark and dank strains and am crossing my fingers!

cover 2.jpg

cover 5.jpg
Gorilla Zkittlez
And look at this one, it is "small but terrible" as you can see in its appearance.
I hope the buds will still grow larger!

Take precautions everyone....keep safe and stay healthy!

20191002_231445 - Kopie.jpg

GIF by @gremayo

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A healthy and looking good . In a couple of months ,maybe you will have a good harvest again. How I wish I could grow it here in my garden. Thank you for sharing this with us!


How can it be grown please i really need to know


You are welcome @lawlai. We will see how the weather would contribute to their growth, but I am really anxious how they are developing each day. Thankies my dear.


You are welcome...dear

Beautiful plants 😀


Many thanks..


What's the weather condition for these plants

Whoa! That's awesome one @indaymers! To grow by itself means it wants to see the world! lol! You have the green thumb quality so am sure she will be in good hands. Looking for her development and let's see if she turns into a beautiful swan!


Thanks for visiting..yeah, I am also looking forward to nice grow.. Cheers and stay safe.

Excitement and crossing the fingers while waiting the full bloom is so obvious for expectants like us when planting something very dear, hoping to see a good harvest sooner.
Smoke on!


Lol, there is always commotion on the terrace when I inspect the girls.... hopefully they will end up to be a nice harvest. Thankies!

Strong baby! Good growth


I just hope it survives..... thanks.

Nice grow, i can feel those lovely trichomes 😍


Thank you.... indeed, the trichomes are becoming more and more each day..

Can these be grown in Africa?