Whats good fellow cultivators?

2 months ago

I've started another second grow with one northern lights autoflower from growers choice. Had a really good run my first grow from four plants. Hopefully this 1 NL auto gives me at least a half a pound... currently in 5 gal hempy buckets, 300w led, gh nutes.

cake Grower-204239.png

cake grower-204250.png

cake Grower-204305.png

Had a calmag deficiency at the beginning and it took a week for me to get some of the internet. Its bounced back since and ive started lst a couple days ago. almost 3 weeks old..

Joy of cake Grower


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I’ll be interested to see 8oz from an auto indoors.

That’s right bro! Get your grow on! You should think about entering The Tetrapak Challenge. https://smoke.io/grow/@saladbowlgrower/tetra-pak-update-week-2-santa-s-kandy-fighting-to-stay-alive

That’s my last update. But basically just get a half gallon carton, and see how big of of plant you can grow in it. We need some excitement on the chain, and show people that this place is more then ROI. Happy growing bro!

Your stuff were growing fast, nice to look at.