Update: Week 2 since the 12/12

8 months ago

Week 2 since the 12/12 lights and still stretching for the light. She's gonna be a decent one lol (tomorow morning is week 2 but I won't be around to post tomorrow) hands full🙌,



Goin' to be like a rose bush once finished, lol, and hoping to beat my last big plant yield. 1.2 grams per watt with the 480 watt board last time. Strain was chesse by canuk seeds so it'd be nice to beat that with my own strain lol

Joy of a cake grower


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They are looking really great 💚 You'll have plenty to smoke 😊


Plenty to smoke?😊 O yeah, you can say that again, and the price for em is pretty much less also✌️

Indeed, the joy of a grower! Is this only one plant...? ´cause if it is, then you made a nice LST!

Epic looking scrog! :D