Start of my next flowering bunch

last month

Strain is blueberry. I packed about 12 under the 5.5x6 scrog with two DE 1000watts running at 750. My Quantum boards are keeping my plants in veg growing fast.


I have 32 more to put Into flower on the other side of the room in about 4 more weeks so I can harvest every month. Half northern lights half Zkittles.


After slowly getting enough lights and 2 grow rooms going now I can have seedlings, big plants in veg and 2 parts of big room for flower going all at once. If everything works out I can harvest every 4-5 weeks. Currently germinating many seeds of my GG4 x Wedding crasher strain. So expect to see those in flower in about 2 months.

Joy of a cake grower


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That is just amazing!


Thanks ✌️

Damn great stuff