[Side Grow]- Might cut them down Next week

9 months ago

End of week 8 today of the DE 1000watt vs 480watt Quantum board. Will be Cutting them down today, but it's Sunday, might be busy but let's look at next week also when everything is smokey just before Amber's ( highest thc time) Quantum board has the bigger buds but the DE hps plant is bigger overall and very dense buds. Yields will be interesting. Hoping for at least a pound from each

DE1000watt had lost of wasted usable light.




(DE1000watt had lost of wasted usable light. The full coverage of the light wasnt being used)

Joy of a cake grower


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Dahm Man, that's a killer look
Nice setup


I definitely like the setup too. That net thing seems really good for keeping things even.

It's incredible just how big you've gotten this plant. Holy moly! I don't doubt you'd get a pound from that freaking monster! :P


Thanks boet

Really impressive grow, how much dry weight do you think this will result in?


He said hoping for a pound from each. I don't think he's going to be far off either! These are some super monster plants!


Yeah thanks, actually I'm aiming for over 1 gram per watt with the Quantum board. So far I'm blown away by these lights but time will tell when I chop and get the final weights.