Quick question on my outdoor Grow

11 months ago

Quick question. 100 gallon fabric pot or big hole in the ground with good soil? What's best?

Its about that time to put the plants out door and try for a big one.
I have 2 outdoor plants but this one will be my main focus.
First time tryna grow a tree outdoors.
Strain is blueberry by Canuk seeds.



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That kinda depends on your situation but is generally an opinion thing. I like the hole in the ground if the ground is suited for it. This gives your roots plenty of room to go where they want, and it's easier for your plant to get water from the ground when it hasn't gotten watered recently enough. But if you're in a low lying area and get a lot of rain your roots can drown that way.

The fabric pot allows for better oxygenation of your roots when it's been wet a lot and there should be nothing else like a tree root stealing your plants nutrients.

I always recommend to plant in the field. The plants are then more vital and soil can buffer some failures. Loosen the soil well and loosen up the surface after watering to destroy the kappilare to keep the water in the ground.

I am a firm believer in putting them in the ground! Check into my current outdoor grow log or any of the vast other outdoor grow logs here on #smoke.io to judge what you think will work best in your situation.