[Question|Updates]: Who here has grown these strains?, getting ready to cut down the ladies in few days

4 months ago

How's the look of the plants and how the yield/smoke?

My grow update

Getting these 5 ladies ready to cut in the next few days and here’s 1 of the main branch on my critical kush from farm (very very dense nugs on it and looks like great smoke) still have another 11 that arnt in the picture they still need a week or two to be worth cutting down. Damn sativas (CMH and Double Ended HPS combo)





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Those are some huge colas, nice one! Not long now, eh?


Yeah they are 😊, what choice do a fully dedicated cake grower has, all Alone with my cutie ladies and buds

Wow! awesome,
Large size cannabis gardens.
I applaud your updates.
The plant's garden was healthy. You can get beautiful marijuana due to a wonderful cannabis garden.
Many thanks for sharing updates.


Many thanks to you for the continuous support, Really, No other options now than to let the beautiful eyes see the kingdom of my cutie ladies and buds😍😁