My Grow update: End Of Week 3(Three)

3 months ago

End of week 3 since the 12/12 and still the Quantum board 480watt is a step and a half ahead in bud size compared to the DE HPS 1000watt. I hate to say it boys and girls but it's not looking good for the DE hps. I'm not loosing faith in it yet though the last few weeks are coming up and thats when the ladies pack on the weight. (Both just had a 20 liter feed with the exact same amount of nutes about 15 mins ago)



mycake 3_20190710-120617.png


The CFA are excited about this 😁 grow while Dlamini had a joint to visit, Igbo (Cake) Man

Joy of a Cake Grower


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Man, your plant looks extraordinary! How many heads does your plant have?


Lol,Thanks Boet
Many, also 1 plant under each light so 1 big one for the DE hps and 1 big one for the Quantum board. I run a shit tun more but with hps lights on the other side of the room. This is my first test with the Quantum board and it's great so far

As predicted, the HPS is going to keep struggling. Nice chunky flowers there :D

Gorgeous tree! Excellent skills, brother

I wanna grow like you when I grow up!