Has anybody grown an autoflower in 10 gal pots or bigger?

2 months ago


I currently grow in 5 gal.. roots are reaching the bottom around the one month mark.. I'm ok with extended veg times. I think.. Will a ten gallon retain too much water for my passive hydro coco hempy buckets. I still intend on feeding everyday.

pic of current auto for attention.

Joy of cake Grower


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If you are doing that big you should switch to living soil and you can just keep top dressing and and teas to make the soil thrive plant aftet plant

My thought is, the bigger, the better. Why not put them in the ground?

I don't have experience with autoflowering strains but with how far along you are a transplant could stress your plant out to the point where it might be more beneficial to feed twice a day if possible.

Have not ran an auto yet, but I do know I like going big, because it’s better to have more room for the roots then to get root bound, obviously.

But if your worried about the soggy issues, maybe set up a drip system?

The reading ive done on autos is that they like deep pots because they have such a long tap root. Ive seen some 5 gallon pots that are 2 inchs deeper than they are wide thats what i would use

Have friends who have never needed to go bigger than a 6gal. If there is more room for the roots it can produce slightly larger colas so that is something to consider.