HARVEST DAY for 1 of the blueberry autos

2 months ago

A little early but got 2 more autos in the tent. Cut down yesterday. And today got trimmed 75 percent...





a bag full of larf i plan on making butter with, a Mason jar of smoke-able larf while the main stem dries and cures... 1 gal coco, 3000k qbs, will update with weight before curing.

Joy of a cake Grower


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Nice! Looks good! Great harvest. :) Are you going to weigh the bud once it's dried a bit and see about what you've managed to yield from this harvest? Would love to know how much you managed to get!

Wow, someone is going to have a great August 😅😁😍💚

Can't stop loving this herbs, the feelings is outta this world.


Same here boet, gotta love the cake

Nice one mate! :)


Thanks Man, it excites me to see me ladies look clean this way after harvesting

Really green and a really very big harvest. Keep it up bro


Thanks ✌️